Saturday, December 25, 2010

India’s big brotherly attitude towards Sri Lanka continuous……..

India that contributed to the two out of three armed insurgencies that erupted in Sri Lanka after the independence continues unabated her big brotherly attitude towards Sri Lanka which has been quite detrimental to Sri Lanka's well being and caused unimaginable proportion of destruction to her people.
A recent big brotherly statement made by Rahul Gandhi, the son and the grandson of the infamous lethal combination of mother and son or the 'cow and calf' as put by late president Premadasa that spelled domed to Sri Lanka proves it again. Seemingly he doesn't have an iota of idea about the magnificent effort taken by the Sri Lankan government in taking caring the war displaced. Otherwise how on earth does he make statement to the effect that Sri Lanka government was 'not doing enough' for the Tamils? Worst! He goes on to say that he would 'ensure they get justice'. This speaks volumes the big brotherly attitude harbored by Indians towards Sri Lanka.  How an outsider to our country, an Indian could force us and interfere in our affaires to 'ensure' that someone' gets justice'.
India which did not want to give us the much needed arms to fight the war that created by herself now wants to give us some weapons as per this latest news. This is one of the series of ridicules moves which is aimed at forcing us to prevent we are getting closer to China. Lately there have been many consorted attempts covertly and overtly by India to prevent China from getting closer to us. Case in point has been the setting up India's assistance high commissions in Hambanthota and Jaffna.  People of Hambanthota will get no benefits at all from an assistance high commission of India. It is a blatant attempt to do espionage on Chinese working in Hambanthota harbor. Sri Lanka, a sovereign nation enjoys full freedom to be friendly with any nation in the world. This arm twisting attitude of India has cost us a lot. Fresh in our memories are the armed twisting attitude by India when Sri Lanka was attempting to restart the diplomatic relations with Israel in mid 80s while India started fully fledged diplomatic relations with Israel in a few years later. We were desperately seeking the diplomatic relations with Israel to fight a war created by India.  We are also fresh in our memories how our big brother forced and intimated to prevent us from getting high tech radars from China when LTTE's bombing from the air was looming while India gave us the low-tech ones.    
It was India that pumped the life blood to the LTTE terrorists by training them in their soil and making it a safe haven for its leader and other rank and file.  It was India who thrust the 13th amendment down our throats and sent her army here purportedly to disarm the LTTE. This instigated a bloodbath here which resulted in 60,000 deaths of youth with unimaginable destruction caused to the country as Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna used this to revolt against the government. The 13th amendment which was imposed on us does harm to the country than doing any good. It is still India who continues to thrust the 13th amendment down our throats.
Among our Asian friends closer to our home It is Pakistan and another our long standing friend China that steadfastly stood by us right throughout the period of fighting the terrorists. This support has been both in the forms of material and moral support. The support was extended to us on numerous occasions when it was badly needed. Case in point was as recently as year 2000 when Jaffna was about to fall with 40,000 troops marooned. The then President Chandrika sought India's support to provide with required armaments to save Jaffna. India categorically refused it and instead promised to send ships to evacuate the beleaguered troops. Then again it was Pakistan helped us with provision of much needed MBRLs which eventually helped army to save Jaffna.
It was after Rajeeve Gandhi, an architecture who spelled doom to Sri Lanka was blown into pieces by the LTTE, India changed a little bit her stance. And also it was many years later only India was willing to provide us 'non-lethal' weapons to fight the terrorists.
It is the story of 'let your ass get kicked as long as our ass is safe and we will kick your ass if you try to save your ass'

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mr priceless said...

Yes India has committed some mistakes while dealing with Sri lanka but we should now forget and move forward to maintain peaceful and friendly relations. But as far as tamils are concerned they were oppressed badly specially by declaring singalese as only official language.They were Deprived of jobs and treated badly. Responsible citizens are those who love, respect and support their respective nations but also learn to criticize when it is wrong. I as an Indian admit India should have been more careful and helpful but Atrocities on Tamils have been witnessed by the world. So my friend let us start a new relationship after all we are humans and neighbours.