Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JVP got a contract from the Iraqi embassy to throw shit at the Iranian mission back in 1982!

Today's The Island editorial says an interesting story. It says that JVP got a contract from the Iraqi embassy to throw shit at the Iranian mission back in 1982! So the money they earned for doing the job has been spent to buy two cars and a pick-up truck for Rohana Wijewira and Shantha Bandara. It is interesting isn't it? I had never heard about this bizarre story.

So the JVP could have thrown shit at Norwegians when the latter was trying to divide Sri Lanka. But who could have given them the contract?    

Below is the particular paragraph from the editorial

' Worse, the knights in shining armour on a mission to rid the country of bribery and corruption have track records that stink to high heaven. One cannot but agree with the JVP that Minister Gamage should be reported to the CIABOC, though one may not be so naïve as to expect anything to come of a probe to be conducted, if at all. But, the JVP, too, has sullied its hands with a dirty contract to make a fast buck unconscionably. In 1982, it took money from the Iraqi embassy in Colombo to carry out a faeces attack on the Iranian mission. With funds so raised, the JVP bought two cars––one for its founder leader Rohana Wijeweera––and a pick-up truck for JVP stalwart, Shantha Bandara!' 

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tinker777 said...

throw shit at the Norwegians? are you mad?
Mr.Somawansa, the supreme leader of the JVP travels on a British passport, and is funded not only by Scandinavian countries ,but even by foreign banks..doubt me? ask Stranded Chartered Bank-Colombo, how much they donated to JVP for its last election campaign?
i read in papers last week, Somawansa was in Sweden, attending the party conference of Swedish Left party..and he was there ,along with few of his party confidantes on a paid trip by the Swedish! how's that,when the same party (in Sweden) was a coalition partner when Sweden was part of the Scandinavian troika that consisted the then SLMM?.
now, do you really expect JVP to throw feces on Norwegian Embassy?