Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yet another example of increasing Muslim fundamentalism in Sri Lanka !

As our fellow blogger on Kottu Hot And Fast News reports the calendar for 2012 by Glitz, a very successful chain of clothing stores owned by a Muslim is in Arabic, Tamil and English ignoring the Sinhala language which is the language of the largest section of the customers of this business industry.

This purposeful omission of Sinhala language and giving prominence to Arabic langue which is almost non-useable language in Sri Lanka for day today communication by its citizens is a clear indication of Muslim fundamentalism in Sri Lanka. This is also a clear indication how the wealthy sections of the Muslim community, primarily the business community sow the seed of communalism among its members. This is just one example of emerging Muslim fundamentalism in Sri Lanka which has spread in many forms as I elaborated in my previous posts.  


Anonymous said...

Clearly the producer of a calender is permitted to do it in any language he or she wants. It can be in Greek for all I care.

If it is for a business purpose, they have clearly identified that for their customers or whoever they are hoping to distribute it to are not Sinhala speaking, and as it particularly has Muslim prayer times, is definitely for those of that faith, who will benefit from it most.

So do not get hot under the collar about it. If you do you make an issue out of a non issue and then create unnecessary tensions when none exists.

So this is called freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution and if you are not hapy with it change the constitution.

You can have a campaign of boycotting this particular store chain, and get publicity. IF it works then they will reprint a calender with what they believe will help them with their business.

If they still think the campaign will not affect them, then they will continue to exercise their freedom of expression.

See how you can use the law to affect the change you wish and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yet another Sinhalese Bigot who thinks his language is the Holy Grail of communication means between all people! Go creep back under your rock small man.