Monday, December 12, 2011

Claims of an existence of Tamil Buddhists in North and East of Sri Lanka: the latest fabrication by Eelamist having miserably failed the ‘Tamil Homeland’ project.

So the Eelmists are up with a new fabrication again. The irrefutable evidences of existence of Sinhalese Buddhist civilization in the north and east of Sri Lanka before the arrival of Tamils to those areas in terms of hard evidences such as archeological sites well corroborated by the references in the chronicles as well as Tamilinzed original Sinhalese names were thorn in the flesh of Eelmists who created a fabricated history for Tamils in North and East of Sri Lanka. The fact that the vast majority of Tamils living in NE of Sri Lanka was brought down from India by the colonists as agricultural labourers mainly to cultivate Tobacco was swept under the carpet to further the fabricated history. Poisoned by this fabricated history, manufactured by power hungry vastly privileged Vellalai Tamils in Jaffna, underprivileged Tamils perished in large numbers and had to undergo untold hardships in the 30 years of war.

 It seems that the sheer volume and the clarity of the evidences are such that Elemists are now forced to admit that there are at least evidences of a Buddhist civilization in the North and East. But they find extremely difficult to swallow the pie that It was a Sinhalese civilization. As long as the Tamil homeland theory was being projected with the power of arms it was purely Tamil Hindu Culture which exited for ' thousand years' and there was not an iota of mentioning of an existence of "Buddhist" civilization despite the fact that those archeological sites were strewn around the length and breadth of North and East of the country. The most ridicules part of this latest theory on the part of Eelamists has been that they have blissfully forgotten the fact that all the inscriptions are written in Brahami letters and Prakrutha language, the early form of Sinhalese. Existence of almost all the archeological sites are well collaborated in the chronicles such as Mahavamsa, Deepawamsa and Chulavamsa etc. Almost all the place names of North and East carried original Sinhalese names which have later been Tamilinazed. My numerous previous articles throw ample light 
on these irrefutable evidences.

PS: In fact an indication of the manufacturing of this new theory was in the offing was evidenced a few weeks ago in an article by DBS Jeyaraj, a staunch Eelam propagandist.

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