Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peace Mudalalis now admit that LTTE violated CFA after their mentor Norway released its report on failed ‘peace’ effort in Sri Lanka.

 One of the foremost Peace Mudalalis in Sri Lanka Jehan Perera now accepts that the LTTE violated Norwegian brokered failed CFA. This admission comes after Norway, Sri Lanka's Peace Mudalais' main benefactor and mentor released its report on failed 'peace' effort in Sri Lanka. So these hypocritical Dollar Kakka's waited well after two years after the conclusion of war to utter this until their mentor releases a report. When the LTTE was having a field day violating CFA these vultures did not utter a single word while it was fun for them to trumpet from roof tops with exaggerated false claims of Sri Lankan security forces violating the CFA.

Jehan Perera goes on to say

'During the entirety of the ceasefire period the LTTE kept on assassinating its opponents and violating human rights. This included killing Tamil informants, government intelligence personnel and also Tamil political leaders who belonged to other political parties. There were also the deliberate provocations where the LTTE instigated Tamil civilians to march into army camps to demonstrate against the military's presence. They also engaged in large scale forcible child recruitment. The evaluation report notes that these violations of the ceasefire, and the inability to respond to them in a credible manner, severely undermined the legitimacy of the peace process and the role of Norway in it. During much of the peace process there was an impression that the Norwegian facilitators were soft on the LTTE and more sympathetic to their concerns than to those of the Sri Lankan government.'

'They used the period of ceasefire, and the political space given to them, to build the basic features of a state of their own. They established a comprehensive bureaucracy, put up large buildings that they were proud of, and converted their guerilla force into a conventional army. They grew too attached to what they had created.'

The general public and the government should be mindful to what this Peace Vultures is up to now with this change of tone. 

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