Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of the biggest persecutors of Buddhists sheds crocodile tears for Tibet Buddhists to avenge China’s support for Sri Lanka to rid itself from terrorism

LTTE's expression of its solidarity towards the Tibetan Buddhists who are in protest against Chinese establishment can best be described as a yet big ploy by the Eelmists to deceive world community to further its terrorism. During the 30 years of terrorism by the Eelamist in Sri Lanka the persecution and mayhem perpetrated by them against Buddhists may perhaps be second only to the persecution carried out against Buddhists by Muslim invaders in Indian sub continent and East Asian countries and the persecution carried out by the Western colonists in their colonies which were predominantly Buddhists.

The persecutions carried out by the Eelamist in Sri Lanka against Buddhists include the massacring of Buddhist monks in numerous occasions  (eg: killing of 33 Buddhist monks  as young as 10 years in Aranthalawa in 1987) , numerous attacks carried out against Buddhist worshipers in all parts of the country (eg: killing of 146 Buddhist worshipers in Anuradhpura at Sri Maha Bodhi in 1985), the bombing of Dalanda Maligawa, the most sacred place of worship of Buddhists, killings of thousands of Buddhists in several parts of the country, ethnic cleansing of Buddhists from their traditional villages that they lived for thousands of years and the destruction of ancient Buddhists temples and archeological sites in order to erase the sings of Sinhalese Buddhist civilization from the Northern and Eastern parts of the country to claim the bogus "Tamil Homeland". These are just a few examples of attacks carried out against Buddhists.

So one can understand the reason behind the sudden compassion felt by Eelamist for Tibetan Buddhists. At a time Tibetans are protesting against Chinese Establishment Eelmists are shedding crocodile tears for Tibetan Buddhists as China's support to Sri Lanka to rid itself from the Eelam terrorism has always been thorn in the flesh of Eelamists. Unlike the hypocritical Western countries which have been strong supporters of Eelam terrorism China has thrown its weight behind Sri Lanka to free itself from terrorism.

So the LTTE terrorists who are among the biggest persecutors of Buddhists in the world has no moral right whatsoever to talk on behalf of Buddhists irrespective of which part of the world they come from be they from Tibet or any other part of the world.  As I said earlier it is just a big ploy on the part of Eelam terrorists to deceive world community to further their terrorism. 

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