Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you Lefroy!

Lefroy! Thank you for your efforts to take time to read my blog. It is indeed a privilege to have my blog been read by "The Internet God". On top of all you had taken your precious time to read through Rebel of Kandy's introduction.

 I would like to suggest you to use a strong toilet bowl cleaner next time around as a mouth wash! At the same time I consider it's worthwhile to re-post your post on my blog.


Rebel of Kandy

Our resident eunuch Rebel of Kandy has been growing even scarier


This pathetic human being has been so seriously butt-fucked by monkeys in Kandy that even reading the previews of his blog entries in Kottu is a total mindfuck. Sinhala-Buddhists castrated by Muslims or Tamils, Sinhala-Buddhists burnt alive by Muslims and Tamils, Sinhala-Buddhists gang raped by Muslim mobs; this shit is hardcore man.

For public safety, this mad guy should be found and put inside a nuthouse. He's crazy and potentially dangerous, and when he farts, he also cyber-farts. Just can't stand the smell.

Maybe things would've been a little different if he ever got some action. But who wants to sleep with a farting eunuch? So he farted through his life, imagined being a rebel, and farted some more.

Rebel? What is this? Rebelling against the colour of monkey poop in Kandy? According to his own definition, to rebel is,

1. To fight against the government or to refuse to obey rules

2. To react against a feeling, action or plan

This eunuch isn't fighting against the government. He's licking its balls and taking its penis up his ass without any lubrication. When his ass isn't blocked by a penis, he farts on the opposition and pees on all Muslims and Tamils and other minorities. This guy isn't a rebel. If this guy calls himself a rebel because he reacts to a feeling, action or plan, American rednecks should call themselves rebels too. I mean they go like "those fucking immigrants", don't they?

He says that a rebel "is opposed to the political system in his country and tries to change it using force". Didn't I tell you this guy's dangerous. He's talking about genocide against the thambiyas who castrate pure Sinhala-Buddhists men with penises little longer than those of monkeys. He says a rebel is "a person who shows his disagreement with the ideas of people in authority." Does his tiny little monkey fucked noggin thinks that those poor Tamils and Muslims, who themselves have been butt fucked by Sinhalese people and their army, are in authority?

I tell you what Rebel of Kandy, keep on doing what you do: licking donkey balls and sucking the government's dick. The revolution will cum in a second.

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