Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yet another brutal attack against Sinhalese Buddhists by Muslim Fundamentalists!

As our fellow blogger Peramuneralala Ge Atuwawa on Kuttu reports there has been yet another brutal attack against Sinhalese Buddhists by Muslim fundamentalists in Balapitiya, this time too in a well planned manner. (It seems Muslims in Sri Lanka are determined to celebrate every festival in the islamic calendar with the brutal killings or attacking "infidels or kafirs" in the country. They celebrated Ramazan by hacking to death of an unarmed police officer in Puttalm and attacking armed forces and police around the country. This time they proudly celebrate Haj with the brutally hacking of 03 Sinhalese youths in Balapitiya. (We are yet to know how many Sinhalese will have to pay the prize in their lives for being kafirs during this time)     

The three youths who were on their way home after attending a funeral have been brutally hacked by Muslim fundamentalists and the unfortunate victims are in the ICU in Karapitiya hospital in a critical condition. (By the time incident was reported one of the victims leg has been amputated). This time around the fundamentalists have added a bit colour to their trophy by severing one of the victims genitals. The parents of one of the victims are dumb and deaf and the victim is the only hopeful for their family with other kids being too small. There is a stark similarity between the brutality unleashed by the LTTE terrorists and the Muslim fundamentalists. The LTTE terrorists hacked to death poor Sinhalese in villages, dashing newly born babies against three trunks and forcefully dragging out fetuses from mother's wombs.

The attack has been carried out such a minute fashion that the attackers have come from Ampara, a hot bed of Muslim fundamentalism in Sri Lanka. Frequency with which the attacks being carried out has been on the increase while the nature of the crimes have become more and more heinous such as turning Buddhist temples and archeology sites into mosques, the latest being the tomb of the one of the greatest and revered kings of Sinhalese turning into mosque.

This incident is portrayed by the media as a clash that took place between "two groups of people" in the area giving the impression that the incident had happened between two groups of Sinhalese community.

It seems the Jihad which is in operation in several forms in Sri Lanka is in now in full swing.

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