Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have Muslim Fundamentalists in Sri Lanka found the right time to make their move?

Muslim fundamentalism in Sri Lanka is not a new phenomenon. It days back to 1980's with Muslim politicians including powerful ministers of the government in power of the day being accused of supporting it.  This was quite prevalent in the eastern districts of the country with Wahhabism being the most prominent faction.  However, with the total elimination of the LTTE there had been less talk about this.   

But some of the recent developments that happened in the country prove that the Muslim fundamentalism remained only in dormant stage and there are clear signs of its ugly head re- emerging. As I discussed in my previous post, the attack by Muslims to the some police stations in the East and the navy camp in Kinnya, hacking to death of an innocent police sergeant, Navarthna Bandara in broad daylight in Putttalm are clear indications of what its real intention is.  The unprecedented violent manner in which the attacks were carried out against the security establishment resulting in its personnel being killed, unusually higher number of such high handed actions reported in Muslim dominated areas, the sheer number involved in the attacks and the subsequent provocative protests made with some nasty actions strongly suggest that the Muslim fundamentalism is behind the whole episode.

As one of our fellow bloggers in Kottu, Sinhala Buddhist rightly points out there is a strong evidence to suggest that their intention is to create "No-go Zones" through fear psychosis in the Muslim dominated areas.  Non-Muslims and the security personals are barred from entering the areas on account of the fear psychosis created and subsequently use the areas as launching pads against the rest of the country. These No-go-zones or exclusive Muslim areas are turned into prime breeding grounds (Recruitment Bases) for recruiting the fundamentalist to carry out Jihad. This has been tested in some European countries including in the UK with London, Paris and Amsterdam being the prime targets. And the areas selected were extremely vital economically. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned these incidents were mostly perpetrated in the coastal areas where the arms smuggling and other illegal activities can be carried out.               

Giving his views to the Sunday's Lankadeepa on 21st August a well respected serving army officer who was among the higher government officials and the politicians in Kinniya Divisional Secretariat Office over the attack carried out against the Kinniys navy camp mentions that the Muslim extremism is behind the incident. The army officer says that he clearly heard the crowd shouting the word 'Taliban' while protesting. He goes on to say that he felt disgusted by the nasty manner in which the Mullas behaved and treated high personalities belonging to their own community who came to the scene to resolve the problem. He says that he was able to get the first hand experience how the Muslim fundamentalists generally behave.  

The current nasty witch hunt being in operation against Sri Lanka in the international arena over alleged 'War Crimes' makes it extremely difficult to Sri Lankan government and its security establishment to effectively act against unruly elements disestablishing the country especially when those elements are minorities. Literally Sri Lankan governments hands are tied and made it disabled to act against those who are hell bent to disestablish the country. So this is the perfect moment that the Muslim Fundamentalists have been waiting for ages.

PS: The police sergeant Navrathna Bandara was hacked to death in cold blood while he was begging for his life. His wife is a 09 months old pregnant. He begged his attackers to give him a chance considering his unborn child. But the Muslim fundamentals had no mercy in their hearts as sergeant Navarathna Bandara was a Sinhalese. 

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Please boycott muslim shops ,buy from sinhalese shops,Muslims use money earned from trade to support their nefarious activities