Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A glaring feature of the whole Grease Yaka episode: an alarming degree of violence unleashed against the police and security forces in the East.

One o f the notable features of the Grease Yaka episode has been the spate of violence associated with it resulting in death of a few persons and injuring scores of people of whom the majority being the police and security forces personals.  Considerable amount of damages to the properties was also caused including the vehicles belonging to police and security forces. This may be perhaps the first time in Sri Lanka similar incident caused such an unprecedented scale of violence.

Anyone who followed the whole episode would not fail to notice the fact that there has been an alarming degree of violence directed against the Police and the Security Forces in the Eastern part of the country in the areas exclusively dominated by Muslims. While the police stations in Samanthurai, Kaththankudi, Addalachchenai and Potuvil were attacked in Kinniya it was the navy camp that was at the receiving end. Almost all the cases it was very clear that attackers took the law into their hands. They demanded the alleged Grease Yakas and the attackers to the police stations and armed forces camps who were taken into custody by the police are released. They finally succeeded in getting released all of them. While in other parts of the country in which Grease Yaka incidents were reported there had been a considerable amount of cooperation by the public with the police and the security forces personnel there had been extreme level of animosity against the latter in the East by a particular community.

What does this new phenomenon indicate? Is it a mere coincidence?  Or Is the law applied in the areas dominated by Muslims in the East different from the other parts of the country? Or is it a warning against security forces and the police? Or is it an indication of a turbulent outcome in store? The authorities must immediately act to see what the real reason behind this new phenomenon is. Whatever reasons behind it, the government must take every measure to nip it in the bud. History repeats itself if we do not learn lessons from it!

PS: Meanwhile the Navy had alleged the attackers' real intension was to getting rid of the navy camp from Kinniya


Anonymous said...

If the people seriously thought that demonstrating would get rid of the Navy camp, I am sure they are sadly mistaken. However lets ignore the Grease Yaka myth and concentrate on the more important implication being made.

The SLMC is a partner in the UPFA. If it is nothing to do with them, then there is another more active Muslim group just sounding out the security services to test their strengths and capabilities.

Whilst I agree the coincidence of all this agitation does seem to be predominantly Muslim, could it be coordinated or just coincidental.

It is best for the intelligence services to investigate what is going on before it gets out of hand, but it has to be dealt with very very carefully, as I believe any heavy handed treatment by the security forces, will backfire in the long term.

With all the emphasis on the resolving the Tamil issues, the Muslims are feeling a little left out and they have come in no uncertain terms to say that they MUST be included in any settlement with the Tamils, further complicating the task of reconciliation and resolution.

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