Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tamil Nadu Jokers!

Anyone who is not a regular viewer who happens to tune in a local Tamil TV Channel in Sri Lanka would think that the whole Tamil Nadu is a bunch of jokers. Such is the amount of crap shown on local TV channels taken from Tamil Nadu. These craps include films, mega Tele dramas, joke scenes etc, etc. But judging its politicians' behavior one would tend to think that what's shown on TV channels is indeed a true reflection of Tamil Nadu.    

Take for instance of its Chief Minister herself (She is also a film star from the Tamil screen). There is hardly a day passes that she does not spit venom against Sri Lankan government supposedly concerned by the suffering of her Tamil 'brethren' in Sri Lanka. But these outbursts have turned out to be just empty rhetoric as there has so far never been any genuine effort made to alleviate the alleged suffering of her 'brethren' here.  Why can't this former actress volunteer to build at least a few houses for the IDPs, If she is so genuine in her feelings for her 'brethren'? Instead, the only means of livelihoods of her 'brethren' is mercilessly denied by allowing Tamil Nadu fishermen to poach in Sri Lankan waters. She may not be unaware of the fact that her beloved 'brethren' here got the opportunity to engage in their only livelihood after gap of thirty years.

Another biggest joke scene in display is the demand for an Indian economic embargo against Sri Lanka. I think the former Tamil Nadu actress and her cohorts don't have a brain even in the size of peanuts to understand that the trade ties between India and Sri Lanka is hugely in favor of India. What Sri Lanka is getting is mere peanuts. The sheer scale of automobile export to Sri Lanka from India itself speaks it volumes. Every road in Sri Lanka is full of Indian vehicles, you name it!-Three Wheelers, Buses, Lories, trucks, mortar bikes, scooters, tractors, cars etc, etc. The newest addition has been the Nano- cars. Sri Lanka has literally become India's scrap yard. And it is the state of Tamil Nadu that claims to have been the biggest automobile manufacturer among other states of India. So don't these jokers have brains to understand who would affect in the event of cutting the trades ties between the two countries?    

The biggest joker of all is the poor Eelam looser Vaiko! (For some strange reason he is apparently not from Tamil cinema. Is he also Tamil Film actor? I don't know). Just the other day this fool was left with egg on his face suggesting the idea of economic embargoes to Man Mohan Singh. Singh is not a fool like Viko.  One of the most ridicules things I heard coming out from a  mouth of an Indian lately is that this nit wit Viko's suggestion to Sing that Sri Lanka Navy was getting support from China to attack Tamil Nadu fishermen. Thanks to these jokers' horribly lost Eelam project Sri Lankan armed forces became one of the most formidable counter terrorism forces in the world. Sri Lanka navy is unique in this sense. So suggesting SL Navy getting support from China to attack an unarmed bunch of civilians in boats is well enough to understand what a nit wit this Eelam looser is!

The latest news is that the Buddhist pilgrims from Sri Lanka who were in Chennai have been harassed by the Eelam looser's goons.  The pilgrims have been asked to remove their cloths which had Sinhala letters and the cloths have been burnt. What a heroic deed indeed by the brave soldiers of the Sun God!  

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