Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indian thug is back in his usual business to destroy Sri Lanka

As has always been the case Sri Lanka has been taken complete off guard again and taken for a good ride by hypocritical India. It was too late Sri Lanka to learn that India was playing a huge role to punish her through the 'Darusman Report' on 'war crimes' alleged to have been committed by Sri Lankan armed forces at the last stages of the war. India has not only joined hand in hand with the UN, the West and the USA in this endeavor but it has also been major persuader in this campaign. It is clear that India which has been engaged in a mega destabilizing project on Sri Lanka for quite some time after independence is back in the usual business in this time around with steely determination. India's thugary towards Sri Lanka has cost her dearly. Two out of three armed conflicts that destroyed the country was caused by India. It was India who thrust the 13th Amendment, a stepping stone for Tamil racists to divide this country down our throats. Now it is back again in the fray to force us to go for more than 13th Amendment.
As pointed out in an earlier article there are three major forces hell bent to destroy Sri Lanka's peaceful existence: Eelmists, Muslim fundamentalism cum expansion and India's aggressive interferences in Sri Lanka's internal affairs. These forces' principle target group is Sinhalese and they are working overtime to deny Sinhalese Buddhists their rightful position in this country who can boldly and undisputedly claim that their presence in the country in more than two millennia made significant impact in its culture and society.        
Sri Lanka is the only patch of land that Sinhalese can live in and die. They have no other land to go as Tamils and Muslims do nor do they have brothers and sisters to demonstrate on behalf of them in all over the world at the drop of a hat. The rural Sinhalese foot soldier goes to the battle front with one thing in his mind. If he is defeated the only place left for him is the deep blue sea. So he fights until last drop of blood. In fact there will be no peace in Sri Lanka as long as Sinhalese feel insecure. The more they are being harassed by whoever else be it Tamils or Muslims or India or the West or the USA the greater their will power to fight back to win their precious right to live in their beloved mother land. Sinhalese also do have an equal right to live in anywhere in the country be it in Giranike (Killinochchi) or Mooladoowa (Mulaitheev) or Hunugama (Chunnakam) or Samapura (Sampoor) or Vavnimawa (Vavniya) or Thambalagamuwa (Thampalakamam) or Minipe (Manipai) or Kadurugoda (Kantharodai) or Vanagamua (Vankamam) as not only those areas were originally inhabited by them but they also do have a right to live those areas as Tamils and Muslims enjoy rights to live any other part of the country.     
Sinhalese have survived more than 2500 years withstanding so many perils such as huge invasions from the South India and the West alike who were hell bent to wipe out them from the face of the earth. They will continue to fight however mightier their advisory might be. When Sinhalese are pushed to the wall, as it is going to happen again, they have fought back ferociously and preserved their race, their motherland and the religion.   

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I am so proud of are one super jerk that shows the world properly what exactly the tamils are suffering from... keep up the good work