Saturday, July 18, 2009

How LTTE’s plea to rescue them from total annihilation saved them in 1987

LTTE's and its leaders' cowardice was well exposed during the final phase of the recently concluded war. Not being able to face the military might of the SL armed forces, they exposed this to the world first by hiding behind the very people whom they were claiming to be protecting then by appealing help from all sundry of powerful tiger supportive sections of the world: anti-Sri Lanka western world, Tamil Diaspora and Tamil Nadu government etc.

Retired Gen. Cyril Ranathunga describes in his recently released biography : "From peace to war, insurgency to terrorism" how the cowardly terrorists appealed the help from the Tamil Nadu governemt when they were about to be decimated at the final days of the Vadamarachchi operation in 1987.  There had been no much difference in the modus operandi applied. It was again a sort of "genocide of innocent Tamil civilians" as quoted below. What we witnessed this time has merely been history repeating itself.

Gen. Ranatunga says "Our signals units monitoring tiger communications intercepted urgent pleas going to the carders in Tamil Nadu to take up the issue of saving them from annihilation with the Tamil Nadu chief minister. One common excused used was the killing of the innocent Tamil civilians".

Unlike this occasion Prabhakaran's effort was successful then. The book graphically describes the how India blatantly violated sovereignty of Sri Lanka and saved the LTTE leader and his cohorts from being decimated by the Sri Lankan armed forces.       

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Yajitha said...

i had second thoughts about buying Gen.Ranathunga's book, but now you have convinced me..
hey, great posts,should write more on these..
as for Pirabakaran and the LTTE thugs,they used Tamil cause for so many years ,even they forgot they were fighting 'for' the Tamils and assumed Tamils were 'there' for the LTTE to use and abuse.. little they realized it was the same Tamils who in the end ditched them and washed their hands in the face of a Army they once thought was a bunch of maggots..