Friday, April 24, 2015

Will the foreign forces that ousted Mahinda allow him to make a come-back?

While there have been strong signs emerging that the former president Mahinda would make a come- back to rule the country again, the massive movement behind this effort seems to have overlooked a very powerful factor that would stand in their way thwarting their goal. They are the powerful foreign forces which had been instrumental in ousting the Sinhalese Buddhist nationalist Mahinda as the president. These forces would do their best to prevent Mahinda from taking the reins of the country again.

The lethal combination: White Christian West and India

These external forces have become frighteningly deadly and powerful as they are a lethal combination-the White Christian West and India. The former being the most powerful political, economic and military entity in the world at the moment while the latter being a regional powerhouse with strong signs becoming a great power in the near future. The massive influence the former force wields in every sphere of political, social and military arena in the world has truly been enormous. The best case in point is that none of the countries or political entities or individuals which defied the West's dictates in the post-cold war era could escape the wrath of it.

The most powerful personality or the entity that emerged and defied the West after post-cold war has, undoubtedly, been the Russia Federation under Putin. Every trick under the sun from economic embargoes to encircling Russia with NATO is being used to unseat Putin. Another best case in point is Iran which has been defying the White Christian West since 1979 Islamic Revolution.  Alleged development of a nuclear arsenal is being used to destabilize Iran which is the same case with North-Korea. How the bogus claim of possession of WMDs by Iraq under Saddam Hussein was used to eliminate its leader is well known. At the same time alleged violation of Human Rights were used to eliminate Muhammad Gaddafi of Libya.        

The West loathes Mahinda as he did not obey their dictates. In the White Christian Western eyes Mahinda is yet another pariah dog like Putin, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, North-Korean regime, Iranian regime and Venezuelan regime under Hugo Ch├ívez and his successor.  Mahinda who defied the West eradicated the LTTE, one of the main proxies of the West which was being used by them to destabilize the South Asia. So the West is firmly determined to eliminate him by hook or by crook. As has been the case elsewhere Human Rights were being used and continue to use as the main weapon in their array of arsenal to take on Mahinda and the United Nations Human Right Commission (UNHRC) has been and continue to be the launching pad for that.


The post- independent India always cultivates a jealous feeling towards its weak and small southern neighbour who has a huge potential to achieve vast economic and social goals surpassing many times the former. India had been watching worryingly in each passing day the giant economic steps being taken by Sri Lanka under Mahinda since end of terrorism in 2009. These vast economic strides were made with the generous economic support by China, an all-weather friend of Sri Lanka. China's influence in Sri Lanka was made use as an excuse by India for ousting Mahinda. At the same time India generously supported the West at UNHRC to push Mahinda's regime to the wall. On the other hand India has never given up its persistent effort to make Sri Lanka yet another puppet state of it like Bhutan and Nepal of which final goal is to make these countries federal states of India.Tamil separatist forces were the proxies used to achieve this goal and Mahinda was clearly spoiling this grand strategy.             

Local lackeys 

On top of all this lethal combined force is not without an all-out local support here which is spearheaded by anti-Sinhalese Buddhists Forces. These include an array of NGOs, Eelamists well supported by its wealthy diaspora, Christian bodies and powerful individuals well supported by the West and a host of anti-Sinhalese Buddhist politicians who are hell bent to destroy the Sinhalese Buddhist heritage. These forces wield massive amount of power, wealth and influence at their disposal.

So the big question is whether Mahinda and the massive popular support he enjoys would be able to successfully counter these very powerful and lethal forces. As things stand out at this moment as far as hostile foreign forces are concerned Mahinda stands no chance to make a come- back to rule the country again. No sooner than such a move is made public a massive and decapitating force would be unleashed to nip such a move in the bud. Even now an unprecedented and a huge vilification campaign against Rajapakshas are underway through media especially on social media which must be lavishly funded by millions of dollars. The determined and relentless witch-hunt unleashed aimed at imprisoning the Rajapakshas will also continue unabated as it is one of the prime goals of the foreign forces hostile to Rajapakshas.  

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