Friday, May 8, 2015

Why is today’s Rally in Kurunagala going to be historic?

The previous two rallies out of three held in support of former president in Nugegoda and Kandy have been historic with the former witnessing the biggest ever crowd that drew to a rally in recent history while the latter having more of a historical value due to the very place it was held. I said in my previous post on the subject as follows.

"It was exactly 200 years ago we Sinhalese Buddhists lost our sovereignty to the British Colonists when our last king was captured in Kandy. Exactly 200 years later we are again going to lose our sovereignty to the Western Imperialists.  200 years before it was the local cronies of the colonists who betrayed us which paved the way for the White Christian Colonists to subjugate us. Again two hundred years later it is the local cronies of the very same White Christian Colonists who are going to sell our country to their masters. It is ironical that we are going to have again a historical moment while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty in the historical city of Kandy which was sadly, 200 years earlier,  the venue for the beginning  of the end of our sovereignty for almost  one and half centuries".  

Today's rally is held in Kurunagala, the capital of the North Western province which is home to the largest number of members of armed forces among all the provinces in the country. By default the province becomes the home to the largest number of valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, policemen and members of the Civil Defence Force who made the supreme sacrifices by laying down their lives and losing limbs to preserve the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of our beloved motherland against the Tamil terrorism, a proxy of the White Christian Western imperialists.  

The gap of two months period from the day the rally in Kandy was held showed us in style the sheer intensity of the involvement of the White Christian Western imperialists and the Indian expansionists in the country's internal affairs. The patriotic Sri Lankans should make note that the recent visits by a US Secretary of State and an Indian Prime Minister in a gap of some 40 years and 28 years respectively aren't mere coincidences.  

So while marching towards again to defend our sovereignty today's rally is held in a historic location which gifted the largest number of true sons of the soil who made the supreme sacrifices to our motherland's sovereignty. Above all it is held in support of the person who gave the valiant leadership to that epic, arduous and painful struggle to preserve our sovereignty by defeating the forces hell-bent to subjugate us through their proxies. He eventually paid the price on 08th of January this year for not bending to the dictates of those nasty forces.

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