Saturday, May 9, 2015

What will the West and India have up their sleeves against Mahinda’s return after yesterday’s mammoth rally in Kurunagala?

The massive crowd that thronged to yesterday's rally in Kurunagala organized in support of former president Mahinda must certainly be forcing anti-Mahinda foreign conspirators and their local lackeys here to change their existing strategies or make them more systematic and effective. An unprecedented number of 56 MPs attending the rally must have made matters worse for them. That number is more than the number (47) of the ruling minority UNP government led by Ranil Wickramsinahe as was revealed by MP Wimal Weerawansa at the rally. On top of all those MPs and individuals included some prominent figures hitherto unseen in pro-Mahinda rallies such as Professor. G.L Peries, the veteran trade Unionists and SLFPer Alavi Maulana, Dalus Alahaperuma and A.H.M Aswer.  

As has been proved with many examples throughout the world the Western conspirators always have a plan-B. They might take a U-turn of the existing strategies in operation or either make it more effective. As was pointed out in one of my previous posts the White Christen Western imperialists and Indian expansionists wield and carry a massive amount of power, influence and wealth at their disposal.

While the existing strategies are made more systematic and efficient some new and innovative ones would be applied. The existing anti-Mahinda strategies would certainly have a renewed vigor. They would include, among others, as follows:   

(1)   Intensifying the campaign aimed at hauling Rajapakshas and other war-heroes to the International War Crime Tribunal in Hague through UNHRC. The so called local investigations to the alleged war crimes to be initiated by the present ruling UNP government will have innovative strategies which will give a turbo boost to the former strategy.

(2)   Intensifying by many folds the ongoing nasty demonizing campaign aimed at Rajapakshas. Millions of dollars would be pumped into traditionally anti-Sinhala Buddhist media aligned to the Christian establishment of the country. The part of this would be unleashing a decapitating demonizing campaign through Social Media aiming the youth as happened during the last election that unseated the former president. NGOs play a huge role in this regard as their resources, money and professionals would truly give a tremendous boost achieving this. This vicious campaign aimed at Rajapakshas has given brilliant opportunity to the long and well established vilification campaign against Sinhalese Buddhists as I pointed out in one of my previous posts.    

(3)   Intensifying the current spree of putting Rajapakshas and their loyalists behind the bars. There will be a marked intensification in this regard specially aimed at those who spearhead the ongoing campaign to make Mahinda the Prime Minister.

There have been numerous examples throughout the world that the foreign Intelligence agencies, the Western ones in particular physically eliminate the characters undesirable to them in case other strategies aimed at achieving their desired goals fail.    

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