Monday, November 18, 2013

The Eeelam propaganda machine is still deadly effective as eloquently displayed by David Cameron’s visit to Jaffna.

This picture eloquently tells how deadly effective Eeelam propaganda machine has been as had been during the LTTE heydays. The demise of the LTTE in Sri Lanka seems to have made no impact on it and have been strengthened in several folds. If not taken on this well oiled machine with equally deadly effectiveness, the present Sri Lankan government and the ones yet to come would succumb to the fate faced by the Sri Lankan governments during the 30 years' of Eelam War.

Imagine, the sheer scale of preparations which have gone into by carefully preserving the gun shot marks on walls of the Uthayan News-Paper Office for a considerable time even having apparently been painted the walls. The marks have clearly been left out and have been prominently marked ready to show any foreign dignitary who happen to visit Jaffna during the CHOGM. And the efforts that were put into have generously been rewarded with the foreign dignitary who happened to visit Jaffna had been none other than the British Prime Minister David Cameron. The PM visited the Uthayan Office and the rest is history!

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