Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who is in more danger? Mahinda or Gotabhaya?

There have been some concerns on the part of certain segments of the patriotic people in the country that the former president Mahinda's life is in danger. There is no doubt that the White imperialist Christian West, their local stooges here, Eelmists and Indian expansionists are hell bent to eliminate both Mahinda and Gotabhaya. The above mentioned anti-Sinhalese Buddhists forces are steely determined to take revenge from both the personalities for eliminating the Tamil terrorism, the proxies of the imperialistic Christian West. Yes, in that case they will try their best to eliminate both of them.  

If we forget the revenge factor and consider the strategic factors, then they are badly desperate to eliminate the latter than the former as they know very well that Mahinda, if elected, can be in power for only one more term due to his age. On the other hand Mahinda would most likely be the Prime Minister unless yet another major constitutional change takes place.

In case of Gotabhaya, however, they know that he has many years and huge potential to be the ruler of the country given the enormous popularity he enjoys, as same as his brother, among the Sinhalese Buddhists. Besides, his capabilities are legendary. Gotabhaya should really be careful.  What happened to Ven. Soma should be a lesson to him. Invitations to other countries for work or otherwise must flatly be turned down! Needless to say about other security measures that should be put in place!

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