Saturday, November 3, 2007

Extra protection for SLAF pilots

While applauding the spectacular success achieved by the SLAF pilots for their precise accuracy in targeting the exact location of the terrorist leader and exterminating him along with other terrorists, I feel it it must be taken as a high priority in protecting the lives of those valiant pilots, the true sons of Sri Lanka.

As it is well known, it is the habit of the tiger terrorist taking revenge in exterminating all the military personalities and political leaders who were involved in very much successful missions or ventures against the terrorist outfit as exemplified by wiping out of almost all the men of the most successful LRRP.

This is also good strategy in demoralizing and discouraging the military men. Traitors have never been uncommon in the Sri Lanka's conflict who has betrayed us for money. Therefore, an extra caution and care should be taken to give the protection to those gallant true sons of Sri Lanka. All SLAF pilots should be given an extra protection as they may be a prime target of the Tiger terrorists.


Mohan W. said...

this is a very important issue, and i really hope the SLAF is paying more attention to security of thier Pilots , and hope that the level of such security provided to pilots are better than the security they have on their air fields.
thanks kandy rebel for pointing this out.

Hind Man said...

this is already happening, SLAF pilots have very top security, including 24/7 close protection and secure residanses. but one must understand the immense sacrifise these pilots make interms of their family lives as they most of the time live away from their respective familys and families 'get' to 'visit' them time to time.
those LTTE pussies cant get our Plots in Air and even on ground.

Hakim said...

I think special attention was paid to this issue about 1 or 1.5 years back, when intel was received that the LTTE will target the pilots. So only hope they don't let their guard down.