Friday, November 9, 2007

A possible target for avenging the 'political leader's killing

As much anticipated retaliation by the tiger terrorists for the killing of their 'political leader' is looming around, a note of caution is worth mentioned emphasizing an extra vigilance required to be maintained on all possible targets.

Needless to say the extra vigilance needed for protecting key military installations in north and east such as Trincomalee naval base, China Bay Air Force base etc.and also military installations in the rest of the country.

There has been a reduction of targeting the civilian targets in the south from recent past, perhaps due to the extra vigilance cast by the security forces or perhaps as a part of the image building exercise as a group no longer engaged in targeting civilian centers. This emphasizes the need of an extra caution in protecting the military centers in the south. In this scenario a much unnoticed target could be identified as most vulnerable.

In fact, a possible attempt was made by the terrorist in no so distanced past to target this seemingly less protective target but having enough potential to inflict a huge carnage. A few
months back a lorry fully laden with explosives was detected by the police in Kuliyapitya destined to carry out a deadly mission. The target was identified as an army passing out parade to be held in the area on the same day the lorry was detected. Thanks to a vigilant police officer a major carnage was averted. Luck was with us on that occasion as the detection was an accident not by based on an intelligent source.

The possible mayhem that could be caused in the event of such an eventuality will be an unimaginable magnitude as the relations of the recruits also attend such events. A chance of such an attempt is further enhanced by the claim of the air force a few months back targeting similar event held in Vanni.

By judging the scenarios such as avenging the said attack by the SLAF and the so called political leader's death and also something to tell to Diaspora in the much expected 'Sun God's 'great speech' such an attempt can not be ruled out. Therefore, a low publicity should always be maintained in the events like passing out parades or alternative arrangements should be made.


Anonymous said...

Let the tamils go their own way like singapore and malaysia or let sri lanka be colonised again by foreigners buying and owning everythin in lanka.

jeewa said...

what load of bullshit.LTTE ,when the time comes, can get to any one and any where. the sinhala army should by now realise that.