Sunday, July 17, 2016

Students of Jaffna University have dealt a death blow to racist Hora Mahinda and his corrupt cronies!

Yahapalana government's reconciliation efforts have scored a yet another stunning success as has amply been demonstrated by the Tamil students of the Jaffna University. The Sinhalese students who have been studying there have been accorded with one of warmest treatments by their Tamil brethren showing magnificent results achieved in the reconciliation field in the country since Yahapalana government came into power. The Tamil students of the Jaffna University have warmly welcomed and given a glowing tribute to a Kandyan Dance item, a unique Sinhalese Buddhist dance, showing a true spirit of accommodativeness on the part of Tamils. This is more unique as it happened in the foremost seat of education in the Northern Province: at the Jaffna University! 


This exemplary act on the part of Tamils has become a death blow to the Sinhalese Buddhists barbarians who live in stone-age. This is indeed a terrible slap on the face of those rabid chauvinists who are blind followers of Hora Mahinda.  It is also a turbo boost for the reconciliation efforts of the government spearheaded by the former president Chandrika who has been granted with millions of dollars by the UN to further reconciliation between Tamils and other ethnicities in the country.  The UN, the Western nations in other words "the International Community" and NGOs must surely be elated by these turn of events at the Jaffna University. 


This is also a death-blow to the Sinhala Buddhist racists like Bengamuwe Nalaka, Alle Gunawansa, Wiamal Weerawansa, Udaya Gammanpila and Madumadawa Aravinda who have been going around the country propagating venomous Sinhala racism. On top of all this is a shining example of how the Tamils have forgotten all the atrocities committed against them by the racist Mahinda during his tenure and is indeed refreshing to see that this change has taken place during less than two years of the present Yahapalana government's tenure.   


What we witnessed at the Jaffna University is indeed a turning point in the field of reconciliation in the country which should be celebrated by each and every citizen of our beloved motherland. This is one of the very examples to show why Hora racist Mahinda should never be allowed to capture power of this country again as he and his cronies will surely undo all the magnificent achievements made in the field of reconciliation by the Yahapalana government!   


prasad ramesh said...

peoples harts have been wounded by the thirty years of war, so there is a tendency to occur incidents like this for some period of time, its quiet natural for a war torn country, we have solve them carefully and patiently or things will go out of control again

J, Mapitigama said...

Funny, very funny. May be Tamil diaspora and the western allies, UN and NGOs will believe this false report. Or rather script and and edited by them. "warmly welcome by Tamil students". Yes, everybody witnessed the media reports, how they welcome Kandiyn dancing and Buddhist programmes, by brutally attacking sinhalese students and wounding them. Their warm blood pools were visible at the scene.This may be Tamil students warm welcome. Nonsense.. oops sorry, this is living in harmony?????

Remnants of LTTE blood thirsty barbarians blessed and supported by TNA,its Lawyers and University authorities..