Sunday, May 22, 2016

NGOs in a massive brainwashing campaign among rural Sinhalese and university students promoting federalism! Does Joint Opposition know about it?

A huge campaign is underway by the Western funded NGOs in brainwashing rural Sinhalese Buddhists promoting Federalism. Jehan Perera's the National Peace Council which is lavishly funded by Norway and the US, among others, spearheads this massive campaign. The unsuspecting, rustic and poor Sinhalese Buddhists whose sons laid down their lives in thousands for an undivided Sri Lanka are being told that the war victory in 2009 was achieved by committing a "genocide" against "poor Tamils". Therefore,   they are told that those responsible for that "crime" should be punished. That's how the reconciliation among Sinhalese and Tamils can be achieved.  In order to make sure no recurrences of such crimes take place, the victimized Tamils should be allowed to live under their own administration which guarantees the federalism to the North and Eastern areas.  This very successful campaign is underway in almost all the Sinhala Buddhist dominated districts in the country with North Central and the North Western Provinces specially targeted. There are a host of local and international NGOs engaged in this campaign. The National Peace Council and Saravanamuttu's Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) spearhead this as mentioned earlier. The generous donors for them include Norway, the US and the European Union.        

These NGO vultures have not confined themselves to the rural populace only.  The have penetrated to the country's state university system and have been carrying out a very successful campaign in brainwashing unsuspecting young minds which promotes federalism.   The case in point is the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL). Under the pretext of reconciliation a very successful campaign promoting federalism is underway at OUSL. A compulsory progarmme called "Social Harmony" for all the undergraduates irrespective of the study programme that they fallow is successfully in progress. This programme is headed by a staunch Eelamists. Jeahan Perera of the National Peace Council is a contributor to the "Social Harmony" programme and talks at great length brainwashing unsuspecting undergraduates. He goes on to say how well the new Yahapalana government has understood the need of a federal solution to the age-old Tamils' demands and how committed it has become in offering it to minorities. He praises the government for the excellent support it extends to NGOs to promote federalism among the rural people. One should keep in mind that OUSL has the largest chunk of undergraduates in the university system numbering more than 35,000. It also has many regional centrrs. So the NGOs' campaign promoting federalism has been able to reach a considerable number of university student populations who will be taking over the country's affairs in a few years' time.The National Peace council's publications promoting federalism are also distributed free of charge among the students.

For every patriotic Sri Lankan this should indeed be an alarming piece of information. What Eelamists couldn't be achieved by an armed campaign in 30 years would be achieved in a few years' time as the federal state of North-East would be the perfect launching pad for the independent state of Tamil Eelam. The only stumbling block for achieving this so far has been the stiff resistance by the rural Sinhalese Buddhists. An intense and sustained brainwashing of Sinhalese Buddhists' mind would do that job.

Does the Joint Opposition (JO) said to be for an undivided Sri Lanka know about this nasty anti-Sri Lankan move by the White Christian Western Imperialists, their stooges here, Eelamists and the Indian Expansionists? The longer the JO takes to take up this issue, the lesser the chances for hoping to have an undivided Sri Lanka.  Whatever good and genuine efforts JO is known to have been doing to preserve Sri Lanka's sovereignty would be in vain, if it allows the White Christian Western Imperialists and their lackeys here to divide our beloved motherland whose territorial integrity was preserved by the lives, blood and the limbs of thousands of rural Sinhalese Buddhist youth!  

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