Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sri Lanka's Gorbachev, What a comparison!

It was the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who said that disintegration of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of the century. It is indeed a tragedy felt by many third world countries that have to bear the brunt of Western Imperialism. A few examples include once prosperous and peaceful Libya, Iraq and Syria which are subjected to Balkanization brilliantly orchestrated by the Imperialists.

The Soviet Union put a firm lid on the Western Imperialists' an all-out ruining of the non-Western developing countries by orchestrating regime changes thereby setting in motion their disintegration into pieces. With the Soviet Union's break up the flood gates were open for the Imperialists to have a field day.

The Western conspirators were in search of a traitor in the Soviet Union's ruling Communist Party. They found a perfect match in Mikhail Gorbachev who was the president of the Soviet Union and the General Secretary of the party at the time of the Soviet Union's demise. The rest is history.

A perfect comparison with regard to Sri Lanka's case is presented by Mr. A. A. M. Nizam, A former Vice President of the SLFP – Matara Electorate. It is indeed refreshing to see that a patriot from a minority community coming with these strong and perfectly matching sentiments.

Sri Lanka had been on a massive development path under former president Mahinda after eliminating the most ruthless terrorist outfit which was incidentally a proxy of the Imperialists.  Mahinda became an arch enemy of the Imperialists primarily due to two reasons. He eliminated their man Prabakharan without bowing to Imperialists' dictates. Then he initiated an unprecedented development drive in the country with the support of the rising China, an all-weather and true friend of Sri Lanka. (The rise of one of oldest and glorious civilizations from non-Western world is truly a challenge to the Western domination of the world). Besides, Mahinda was becoming an example for the leaders of Asian and African countries. A couple of countries in Asia and Africa emulating Mahinda would be the last thing that the Western Imperialists want to see and would be the last nail in their coffin of world domination.

Imperialists received a turbo boost with expansionist India joining hands with them achieving their common goal. Sri Lanka's massive development was an eye sore to India which has always been jealous to see a Sri Lanka on a prosperous path. It has been a time tested habit of India to put a full stop to Sri Lanka's prosperous path when it sees the latter is indeed on that path.

Sri Lanka would be massively fortunate if she finds a Putin of Sri Lankan version when Sri Lanka's Gorbachev ends his term/terms. However, the big question is whether there will be an entity called Sri Lanka by the time Sri Lanka's Gorbachev relinquishes his office. Putin at least had an entity called Russia sans Soviet Union. By the way it is only Mahinda who can be Sri Lanka's Putin. The big question again is whether the Imperialists will allow it to ever happen.

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