Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Have Sinhalese Buddhists become a worst type of hypocrites?

"If you are in a constant fear of being blown into pieces on the road like a dog, they (the armed forces members of Sri Lanka) are War –Heroes. When that fear is no longer a reality they are the 08th grade passed War Criminals".  This gets widely circulated in these days on social media aptly demonstrating what a hypocritical bunch of people Sinhalese Buddhists are. How once war-heroes who laid down their lives to give us all a peaceful country, leaving us with no fear of being blown into pieces, have become almost illiterate War –Criminals aptly reflects the Sinhalese Buddhists' subjugated mentality to the White Christian Western Imperialists and their lackeys here.

Why do I refer here only the Sinhalese Buddhists rather than Sri Lankans? Needless to say that 98% of the armed forces members who fought terrorism were Sinhalese Buddhists.  Sinhalese Christians were confined only to a few officers with an almost negligible number belonging to other ranks. (The Commissioned Officers and other ranks among the Sinhalese Christians and the Tamils were disproportionately higher until 1960s due to preferences given to them by the powerful Christian Church,  the Christian and Tamil military top brass. Most of them were drawn from the Anglican Schools from Colombo, Jaffna and other major cities. This drastically changed when a military coup was staged by the Christian top brass in the armed forces and the police in 1960s with the support of the Church.). In terms of numbers this has almost been the case with Muslims as well.  (Some gallant Muslim officers, however, have made exceptional cases making an exemplary contribution in winning the war).  Almost all the Tamils consider the Sri Lankan forces as simply war criminals though the latter is the biggest beneficiaries due to the absence of war. So it was the rustic and rural Buddhist youths who made the brunt of the contribution and the sacrifices in eliminating the Tamil terrorism from Sri Lanka's soil as has always been the case for last 2500 years when it comes to defending the country.

Why do then Sinhalese Buddhists now vilify and demonize the very youth who made their supreme sacrifices to protect all of us? That's a trait found in Sinhalese Buddhists' genes which has made them legendary among their enemies who have for long been very successful in achieving their nasty designs at the expense of the former.                  

Sinhalese Buddhists have for ages known for their legendry betrayals of their own lot. This has helped monumentally to their enemies to deceive them and finally to defeat and subjugate them. The three European Colonists made use the community's this weakness to the letter until the so called "political independence" which took place at the middle of the last century. Since then the very same White Christian Western imperialists have been able to outsmart them with brilliant successes. A significant milestone of this sustained and continues efforts on the part of these neo-colonists was the regime change that was orchestrated on 08th January 2015, exactly 200 years later of a similar stunningly successful achievement by the Christian Imperialists.

This inherent weakness on the part of the Sinhalese Buddhist was exploited by a widely common modus operandi by the colonists which has proved extremely successful.   An alien community (ies) was brought down from another land, Tamils being in Sri Lanka's case, and favored them with all the privileges while depriving the indigenous community with all the benefits and privileges. This was aimed at making the latter a weak and second class community. ( A vast majority of Tamils living in the North and East of Sri Lanka was brought by the Portuguese and the Dutch from South India for Tobacco cultivation. By using the above mentioned modus operandi the natives, the Sinhalese Buddhists, were made to be the second class community who over the years assimilated with the Tamils). At the same time a class which become virtually lackeys of the Colonists was produced from the same community, in this case among the Sinhalese Buddhists themselves. A vast majority of this community includes Catholic and Protestant converts from Buddhism.  Privileges,   benefits and incentives were/are used to convert the Buddhists to the above mentioned religions. This community, the converts to Christianity, then becomes the foot soldiers and Sepoy (ies) of the colonists who make use of them to get their dirty works done.

The so called "independence" was offered to the leaders of these Sepoy (ies)  who continue to serve to their masters doing all the dirty works of them. Some of these Sepoy (ies) are "Buddhists" but name only as it is a seasoned trick used by colonists to deceive the indigenous populations.

So Sinhalese Buddhists will again think about the "Broilers" as rural Sinhalese Buddhists soldiers once known until 2005 (cannon fodder or sacrificial lambs) only when the former's lives are under threat of being blown into pieces!  

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Answer is simple. Our IQ is exceptionally low.
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