Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A must-watch video-clip (a speech) for every patriotic Sri Lankan!

Karuna Amman who was a diehard LTTE military leader defected the LTTE in 2004 and has been in active politics as a SLFP legislator since 2010 representing the Eastern Province.  His defection shattered the very foundation of the LTTE and could never recover fully. Karuna Amman who knew in and out of the LTTE was also an invaluable informant to the Sri Lankan Security Forces. His knowledge about the terrain in the Eastern Province which was under the LTTE gave a significant edge to the forces who were fighting Eelam war IV against the LTTE.      

A speech he made in the parliament some time back is in circulation in the internet in these days. It is indeed a must watch by any patriotic Sri Lankan.  His patriotism for his motherland far outweighs the pseudo patriots who came to parliament purportedly claiming to preserve the interests of Sinhalese Buddhists and are now staunch supports for a federalist Sri Lanka. His hard hitting speech was particularly aimed at TNA which is hell-bent to haul up the former president and his brother to an international tribunal for alleged war crimes.  

The speech he made strongly defending the former president Mahinda Rajapaksha can be watched by clicking to the following link on youtube.

Some salient points in Karuna Amman's speech can be summed up as follows:

(1)  Who fed LTTE which was almost dead after IPKF left and made it a formidable force to be reckoned with to wage 03 Eelam wars subsequently against Sri Lankan forces.  At the time of IPKF left Sri Lankan shores LTTE's strength had dwindled to some 350 cadres. With the supply of more than 5000 weapons by the then president it strength increased to 6000 carders in six months.

(2)  The vital role played by the former president Mahinda, his brother Defense Secretary- Gotabhya Rajapaksha and the Security Forces in terms of taking difficult decisions, planning and implementing respectively to draw a successful end to the war.

(3)   Reminding the TNA how IPKF raped Tamil women and killed the civilians

(4)  Questioning why TNA does not protest while the Tamil Nadu Fishermen were poaching in massive scale in the northern waters of Sri Lanka stealing vital livelihood of Tamil fishermen and damaging their nets. He went on to extend his gratefulness to Sri Lanka Navy for protecting fishers in our waters by arresting Tamil Nadu fishermen.      

(5)  How the standard of the school education, science education in particular after introduction of Mahindodaya laboratories , has improved in the North and East drawing an example of a student living in Wattala opting to study in Jaffna due to the improved standard of science education in the Northern Province

(6)  How the beautification of the cities in the country had been happening under Mahinda Rajapaksha government in Baticaloa in particular and other cities of the country in general.  The transformation that has taken place in Batticaloa spending Rs. 135 million is truly awesome.  

(7)  Strongly advising TNA not to entertain International Community  to Sri Lanka's internal affairs such as to investigate alleged War Crimes citing examples what had happened to Afghanistan and Syria which had been witnessing daily carnage.  He drew the example of how South Africa did not entertain so called international community following the apartheid and relied on their own internal mechanism called Truth and Reconciliation Commission of which Sri Lankan equivalent is LLRC              

(8)  What the Security Forces did in the final stages of the Eelam War-IV was a rescue operation of civilians not a massacre as claimed by TNA. LTTE made use the civilians as their protective shield.  

(9)  The importance of the presence of security forces in the North and East in particular and other parts of the country in general . No country in the world would compromise its National Security by withdrawing its Security Forces from the sensitive locations.   At the same time he reminded the special effort taken by his government to give relief to the Tamil civilians by withdrawing 05 army camps in Batticaloa  to resettle the civilians and give way the lands for farming. He also emphasized the role played by the security forces in rescuing and giving relief to the affected people in the event of a disaster strikes drawing his own experiences. He highlighted the valuable role played by the Security Forces during the floods in Baticaloa a few years back.

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