Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two glaring examples to show how vulnerable Buddhists in Sri Lanka have become!

Would a Buddhist minister even dare to think to raid a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka?  Would a Buddhist minister even dare to think to open a road which has been closed for the protection of a Mosque leave alone the holiest one in the country?  

However, Buddhists in Sri Lanka haven't been so lucky. A Buddhist meditation Centre in Kadawatha was raided claiming that it was "luxurious" by the deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayaka recently while a Minister(non-Buddhist)  of the present government attempted on 07th of January to forcefully open the road in front of the Dalanda Maligawa, the most sacred shrine to the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. (The road in front of Dalanda Maligawa was closed after it was bombed by LTTE in 1998). This attempt was prevented only after Mahanayaka of Asgiriya talking to the hierarchies of the government.

The above examples highlighted by Nimal Premawansa, a former MP of Jathika Nidahas Peramuna at a press-conference today indicate in style the sheer vulnerability that the Buddhists in Sri Lanka are faced with. So the fate of the threatened innumerable Buddhist temples and archaeological sites strewn in the North & East and in other parts of the country is already sealed now.

It has truly been stunning victory for those who orchestrated the regime change of which the prime intention was to deprive Sinhalese Buddhists their due place in this country!  

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