Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What a way to celebrate Sri Lanka’s 67th Independence Day with a National Flag redesigned by the Americans!

This article appeared in The New York Times with the above distorted picture of Sri Lanka's national flag has been reproduced and commented on by a few web sites such as Professor Nalin De Silva's and  Lankaweb . In their articles they foresee what the West and the USA are up to as far as Sri Lanka is concerned.  It is again ironical that we celebrate our 67th Independence day when such distortions are liberally committed by the Americans to one of our foremost national symbols.

Besides, this is not surprising too as we have almost become an American and Indian colony now following their brilliant regime change project of which aftermath sees an unprecedented amount of interest shown by them towards us.

This article by Ryan Goodman, a professor of law, politics and sociology at New York University eloquently details how Rajapakshas should be prevented from re-entering to the politics by by hook or by crook under the pretext of reintroducing "Democracy" to Sri Lanka. This is again a very good  early sign what would be in store for Rajapakshas if they try to re-enter to the politics especially in the upcoming general election. The West with their lackeys' help here would resort whatever tricks available up in their sleeves to achieve this goal even going to the extent of committing physical harm to the Rajapakshas. Billions of dollars would be pumped to NGOs and perhaps to the ruling political party itself. There will be an avalanche of social media campaigns against Rajapakshas demonizing them as happened before the Presidential Election and its aftermath.            

This article should be translated into Sinhalese so that the 5.8 million who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksha  at the last presidential election can foresee what would be in store for them.  


lefroy said...

Billions of dollars will be pumped? lol. We can boost the economy by having a general election every year.

Oshan said...

First of all I don't think we should consider one individuals opinion as the steps that will be taken by an government. Second I think our policies shouldn't be pro US or pro China. Although it would be impossible to keep both parties happy we should at least find a middle ground.