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A yet another brilliant piece of analysis highlighting the role played by the West and India in the last presidential election!

In a brilliant piece of analysis by Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara, one of the most prominent patriotic intellectuals in the country highlights how subtlety and stunningly the regime change project which ousted the former President Mahinda Rajapaksha in the last presidential election was orchestrated by the Western and Indian conspirators. This should be a must read piece of information to the 5.8 million people who voted for the former President Mahinda Rajapaksha. The whole episode was like a puppet show in which the onlookers were made to believe that "the puppets were acting on their own guided by noble ideals of Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance".


The most striking observation of Dr.Gunadasa Amarasekara has been how Indians have employed Gandhiyan type of mass mobilization of Tamil people to achieve their goal. TNA politicians were in Delhi than in Jaffna in the last year. This Gandhiyan type of mass street activity was executed by way of making Tamil people in North & East and in the plantation areas of the central part of the country to turn out in numbers at the election and vote for the former President's opponent offering him more than 80% votes in most of the Tamil dominated electorates. Needless to say the immense role played by RAW in this regard.  


This outstandingly clever project had two pronged strategy: external and internal. While the West had been mercilessly vilifying the previous regime for alleged war crimes with passing resolutions one after another at the UNHRC India was strongly perusing the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the constitution aimed at dividing the country. The local lackeys ('agents' as Dr. Amarasekara termed them) of those conspirators were brilliantly executing their job given by their masters. 


The following few lines of the article appeared in The Island on 24th Feb worth quoting as follows:


"A desperate attempt is made to make us believe that the Rajapaksa defeat is not due to the minority vote alone and that a sizeable section of the Sinhala Buddhist vote went against him.


There was a marginal drop in the votes for Rajapaksa in the urban areas where there was a disillusioned middle class and a lumpen new generation brought up on the Television-Face Book Culture seeking a change- a changed for itself. But the vote bank of Mahinda Rajapaksa in the rural areas was intact.

It is also claimed that the masses in the North and the East voted for Sirisena to win back democratic rights, good governance, freedom of speech etc; It is also claimed that there was no coercion, no influencing, no canvassing. They were made out to be true democrats who had a mind of their own


A few paragraphs in the article that appeared in The Island on 26th February under the title of "Bheeshanaya and Dooshanaya" is also worth quoting   


"By now the Western powers have perfected the formula to destabilize the regimes they do not like by means of popular uprisings and demonstrations. OF course the criterion adopted is whether a regime is with them or not. The formula was perfected by experiments carried out in the Arab world. The time has come to export it to the East as seen by what is happening in Thailand, Burma and Hongkong. Sri Lanka would have been on top of the list for a long time.

What happened at the Free Trade Zone and at Rathupaswala, both ending in shooting were mini Arab Springs , though we failed to realize it. Though these mini Arab Springs did not gather momentum, island wide participation, they were able to bring the charge of bheeshanaya against the Rajapaksa regime. In fact the reason for advancing the Presidential election , I was made to understand was not so much the much maligned astrological predictions but the fear that the country could not be governed if these Arab Springs continued. Why the bheeshanaya charge could not get off the ground was because these were nothing new to the people who had witnessed much worse bheeshanaya, in 77,88,89.

The charge of dhooshsnaya .-bribery and corruption is a late comer to the scene, which is being paraded at the moment. This may be in preparation for the general elections.

As pointed out by Gamini Gunawardane (Sunday Times 2015/02/08) corruption charges have been their right along. No regime has been spared. As pointed out by Gamini Gunawardane, can anything be more farcical than the Finance Minister who has been charged for money laundering making a hue and cry against bribery and corruption?

Corruption charges take root in the minds and hearts of the people due to the economic factor-the disparity between the haves and the have nots. Helplessness and the envy it generates is fertile ground for corruption charges to breed. This is by no means an attempt to vindicate the Rajapaksa regime-more the so called development, the more was the corruption. There is no getting away from it".


The vital role played by NGO hordes in this project has also been brilliantly highlighted by Dr. Amarasekara.    


The conclusion of the article says it in style that sumps up what is in store for future of our motherland.


"Handing over the North and the East in the guise of a National Government to the Eelamists with the blessing of US and India would be the grand finale to be anticipated".

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