Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ISIS executing a "POW": a Tank turns the victim into a fleshy pulp!

ISIS has released a yet another video clip executing a "POW"(A Prisoner Of War). It is many times horrifying than beheading their previous victims. It shows a nineteen year old suspected "military spy" (Air-Force) of Syria being run over by a Battle tank. (He is just a kid for me.)

One of the chains of the tank weighing few tons crushes the victim who was asked to stand in front of the oncoming tank. The innocent "kid" literally becomes a layer of fleshy pulp and his head a layer of flesh spread on the ground. Even the onlooking ISIS carders seemed horrified by what lay on the ground. 

It does mean to me that Putin will soon become a world hero. Will he be able to stall the grand march by the Western Imperialists led by the Vatican to recreate the Roman Empire? ISIS is just a proxy of that grand strategy of which one part is Balkanization of the Muslim world. A part of that grand strategy also includes mercilessly hunting down those who stand against it. One of such cases in point is Sri Lanka's former President and the Security Forces of sovereign Sri Lanka who eliminated the Western Imperialists' one of the proxies-LTTE. 
You may watch the clip clicking to the following link. Please refrain from watching it if you are faint-hearted.     


The video clip courtesy of AMAZING BANTA 

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