Monday, January 26, 2015

Have Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen stopped poaching in our waters?

Since 09th of January 2015 there hasn't been a single arrest of Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen by Sri Lankan navy. Have Indian freshmen stopped poaching in our waters? Or Have Sri Lankan authorities been turning a blind eye while Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen stealing our fish?

Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen were being arrested at regular intervals by SL Navy for poaching in our northern seas since 2010 and there had been no mercy on the part of the previous SL government. As was pointed out in one of my previous posts: "President Mahinda's no nonsense; no hanky panky attitude towards India is best exemplified by his strong resolve when it comes to Tamil Nadu fishermen's poaching in Sri Lanka's waters. The Bottom Fishing, the most disastrous type of fishing technique in the world engaged by Tamil-Nadu fishermen in our waters, would permanently destroy our fishing grounds. But no other predecessors of president Mahinda had guts to resist India's bullish behavior towards Sri Lanka".

This is the first time in post-independent Sri Lanka a government has shown its defiance towards India. This stance on the part of Sri Lankan government has made India antagonize to such an extent that newly elected Modi's government lamented that the Congress government had allowed a small and weak country like Sri Lanka to act looking at its eyes.  

As now increasingly becoming apparent India has too played a huge role, as same scale as the West did, in the successful regime change attempt in which former president Mahinda Rajapaksha was ousted in the last presidential election. This piece of information titled "Evidence of India's involvement in regime change in Sri Lanka" throw much light to the subject.

Apart from President Mahinda's pro- China policy which brought immense economic benefits to Sri Lanka president Mahinda's clear defiance towards Indian Fishermen poaching in SL waters ruffled quite a bit of feathers in the Indian establishment which has always been following bullish attitudes towards Sri Lanka. As noted earlier India has never been a friend of Sri Lanka and has always been undermining latter's sovereignty.  

No Indian Central government irrespective of the friendliest ever Sri Lankan government to come to power would ever ban Indian/Tamil-Nadu Fishermen poaching in our waters as the Central government would hugely be under pressure from the state of Tamil Nadu.

The former president Mahinda's this brave act which ultimately cost his job was purely aimed at securing vital livelihood to the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen in the North who have been deprived of their right in the 30 years' long Eelam war. Tamil fishermen, however, shown their gratefulness to the former president in style by voting against him en-masse ousting from his office at the last president election. Besides, if fellow Sinhalese fishermen from the Southern part of Sri Lanka had fished in the Northern Waters, there would have been a big hue and cry on the part of TNA and the Tamil fishermen. It seems to the Tamil fishermen it's ok even if their vital livelihood is deprived for generations to come as the culprits are their own Tamil brethren across the Palk Straight!

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