Sunday, January 4, 2015

Former president Chandrika's speech in Jaffna: other disturbing reality emerged as disturbing as LTTE leader being addressed as "Mr. Prabhakaran"!

Former president Chandrika's another public speech has created yet another an uproar. She has been legendary for creating such uproars following her speeches. Unlike all the previous occasions, she has, however, made the speech in question in Jaffna which she could have never imagined to do had the incumbent president Mahinda not defeated terrorism. On top of all she made the speech in the campaign which was aimed at ousting the very person who created such environment allowing her to display her 'legendary skills'.

As could be obvious UPFA's propaganda campaign makes best out of it and would obviously rob a good number of votes meant for the candidate in his support she made the speech. She addressed the LTTE leader as' Mr. Prabhakaran' in the speech. As is exactly expected it has made many a people in Sri Lanka and abroad outrageous.

As disturbing as Chandrika would be playing an influential role in an event of Mythripala Sirisena led government being elected given her track record and the degree of appeasement she entertains towards separatist elements as amply displayed in her speech, there was an equally disturbing reality emerged during her speech. It was the sheer amount of cheer and applaud she received from the audience when she uttered the word 'Mr. Prabhakaran' to the extent she halted her speech for a moment visibly feeling elated as could be observed on this youtube clip. 

This animated response from the audience, the Jaffna Tamil public, shows in style how dear the long gone LTTE leader has still been to a section of people in Northern Province. There is no reason to believe the situation would be different in other regions in the North and East among Tamil people. We observe this scenario despite having the government made massive development drive in the former war torn areas and democratic governance installed by facilitating the Tamil populace of the Northern Province to have their own provincial government.
This scenario should be analysed in the backdrop of all the separatist elements supporting presidential candidate Mythripala Sirisena, here in this particular case the TNA.  It would obviously be a case of reversing what we have achieved having made massive sacrifices. The very idea of the regime change project by the West by selecting Mythripala Sirisena to contest against president Mahinda is increasingly materializing to be dividing the country on ethnic lines as I highlighted on of my previous post.

PS: some days back, in a speech in support of Mythripala Sirisena, the former president went on to make an insane claim that she had finished 75% of  the war by the time she left the office.

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