Friday, December 19, 2014

What would be in store for Sri Lankans in the event of Mithripala Sirisena’s government coming into power with CBK around?

With former president Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranathunga's (CBK's) recent insane claim that she had finished 75% of the war by the time she left the office, many a people here and abroad must have jolted into reality what would be in store for them in the event of a government of Mithripala Sirisena's coming into power.  These types of empty, meaningless and ridicules outbursts were order of the day during her tenure. At times they were blatant lies and hate speeches aimed at her opponents.  Her recent public appearances filled with these types of stupid rants insult Sri Lankans' very intelligence.    

Given the prominent role being played by former president CBK for the election of the common candidate Mithripala Sirisena, the former is certainly going to be a very powerful and influential personality in the latter's government in the event of being successful in the upcoming presidential election.  

As said earlier a slightest indication of CBK's involvement in a future government would give nightmarish feelings to anyone who has experienced her rule that lasted for 11 years- a rule that didn't inherit a single productive thing to the country. The period is rather marked with numerous monumental failures and tragedies.

They included massive and unprecedented scale of defeats to our armed forces with thousands of young rural youth losing their lives, an unprecedented scale of resources being lost, going off of bombs and claymores in cities and other rural areas being order of the day with massive civilian deaths, the economy undergoing one of worst periods in the country's history, the level of corruption was at its peak, rule of law was nearly absent with some of her cronies committing crimes with the underworld and etc, etc.

If named a few those devastations that happened in the war front alone they would read thus:  the almost entire fleet of aircrafts of the National Carrier being wiped out by the terrorists, the massive bomb blasts that destroyed the Central Bank and the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, the holiest place for Sri Lankan Buddhists.  The disastrous Jaya Sikuru operation with massive loss of men and resources that eventually resulted in wiping out Mullaithivu and Elephant Pass army camps. (This paved the way for the government to surrender for another round of peace agreement with LTTE terrorists, a ploy for them to get ready for yet another war with the government) and additionally the massive human and material losses incurred to SL Navy, the Air Force and the Police.            

During that period the morale of Sri Lankan citizens was at their lowest ebb with uncertainty hanging around every bit of their lives. On top of all, a good part of the country was about to be handed over to a terrorist outfit on a silver platter called P-TOMS.  To put in nutshell President CBK had been and would undoubtedly be the worst leader ever to rule the country.              

So any Sri Lankan who has an iota of idea what had been going on during CBK's tenure will have second thoughts about what is in store for them in the event of any government coming into power with her backing!

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