Monday, December 29, 2014

All the forces in the country demanding to divide it on ethnic lines are with the Common Opposition!

With less than two weeks to go to the Presidential Election on 08th January, it is increasingly apparent now that President Mahinda again has to ask vote from people for his reelection to ensure a country undivided on ethnic lines.  In 2010 election campaign he asked people to vote for him to embark on an accelerated development path to rebuild the country devastated by the war. It is, however, unfortunate that in less than five years' time President Mahinda is forced to go before people for their vote to preserve the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.  

With Sri Lanka's Muslim Congress's (SLMC) decision to support Mythripala Sirisena in the upcoming presidential election yet another force hell bent for undermining country's sovereignty joined with the Common Opposition.  As declared yesterday by UPFA General Secretary Minister Susil Premjayantha the SLMC had quit the ruling coalition because President Mahinda Rajapaksa had turned down its demand to carve out a separate Muslim administrative unit in the Digamadulla electoral district.  With TNA declaring its decision later today to support Mythripala Sirisena as reported in media all the forces in the country demanding the division of it on ethnic lines are with the opposition. So the election campaign has virtually become a contest between the forces wanting to divide the country verses those who want to retain its unity!  

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