Monday, December 8, 2014

Two glaring examples of the West’s hand facilitating regime change in Sri Lanka!

Two unmistakable examples to show the West is hell-bent for a regime change in Sri Lanka have so far emerged with Mithripala Siresena's crossing over to the opposition to contest the upcoming presidential election as the common candidate against the incumbent president Mahinda Rajapaksha.

The US offered the Harvard University's Health Leadership Award to then Minister of Health Mithripala Sisrisena some time back. Were minister Sisrisena's services to the health sector in Sri Lanka outstanding to the extent of being a recipient of an award by the US except his efforts to have anti-tobacco advertisements on the cigarette packets? Have there any previous examples of an elected member of parliament in Sri Lanka been a recipient of an award by the US for any outstanding service rendered? Besides any such recognition of an outstanding performance by a minister invariably gives credits to the president Rajapaksha as the former was the minister of the latter's government whose very existence is a thorn in the flesh to the West in general and the US in particular. It also proves that the plans had long been afoot by the West to field Minthripala Sirisena as the presidential candidate against the incumbent.

The other instance has been the Minister Gunaratna Weerakoon's recent revelation that the then US ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele Sison had offered him a five-year scholarship for his children (and) a house in the US and a green card to facilitate the removal of military camps from the North which would eventually help to weaken the present Rajapaksha's government with the Tamil separatists elements like the LTTE raising their heads again. The US is now shouting from the roof-tops denying the minister's allegations. Is the minster Weerakoon is such a fool to implicate the mighty US in such an allegation out of thin air without knowing the consequences?

There must have been many more much stronger and numerous efforts on the part of the West to ouster the president Rajapaksha. If Sri Lankans are lucky enough, at least a few of them would emerge during the president election's campaign period revealing the extent of hatred harboured by the West towards the president Rajapaksha!

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Ishanka dias said...

just two questions.

1. If this is a conspiracy by US, why is MR holding elections two years earlier than he should? Does that mean MR is also a part of US conspiracy?

2. What does US earn by doing a regime change in SL. I find it hard to grasp given that we do not live above oil