Saturday, December 27, 2014

What matters most for Sri Lanka’s very survival would be the stability irrespective who is going to be her ruler!

Stability would be the top most deciding factor in Sri Lanka's future whoever comes to power in the upcoming presidential election. It matters most for the Sri Lanka's survival in the coming years given the formidable forces hell bent to destabilize her.  

Stability inherited by President Mahinda's reign

The period from 2009 to up to now can undoubtedly be considered as the most stable few yeas of the post- independent Sri Lanka since 1950's and 1960's. The country was gripped by bloody armed conflicts which included youth insurgencies, secessionist wars and foreign military occupations in a greater part of 1970's, throughout 1980's and 1990's and almost a decade in 21st Century. So Mahinda Rajapaksha's reign from the end of Eelam separatist war up to now is credited to be the most peaceful and stable period in 04 decades.

Would this stability have materialized had the person in Mahinda been less strong character than he had been? Would we have enjoyed this stability had Mahinda given in to the pressure by the West especially by the US to spare the lives of the top LTTE leaders including Prabhakaran in the final days of the war so that they can be evacuated by a US aircraft?  What would have been the situation had Mahinda agreed to start negotiations with Tiger leadership just a few days before their decimation due to intense pressure exerted by the West? No leader among his contemporaries would have had the guts to withstand such intense pressure by the most powerful states in the world led by the US. He, however, has to pay the price for his steely resolve. The West and the Tamil diaspora are hell bent to haul Mahinda, his brother- the Defense Secretary and military officers to war crime tribunal.  All the ground work is set for that eventuality with 03 US sponsored UNHRC resolutions passed against Sri Lanka.    

President Mahinda's steely resolve has been a stumbling block to West's agendas

This Mahinda's steely resolve has become a thorn in the flesh to the West which tries to interfere in Sri Lanka's internal affairs so that it dances to the West's tune. With a West's puppet at the helm it would be easy to have separatist movements active in the North which will ensure perpetual instability to the country. It has been a habit of the West to make its target country instable by either sponsoring terrorist origination to attack the country or imposing economic sanctions or strengthening the enemy forces in a neighbouring country or sponsoring regime changes or making the target country an international pariah state. There have been such numerous examples from the beginning of the 19th century up to now. We can find multitude of such examples in the recent past from Iraq to Libya to Syria to Russia.

The valiant effort being made by Mahinda to make post-war Sri Lanka economically strong with China's financial and technical assistance has made the West to intensify its effort aimed at getting rid of Mahinda by hook or by crook. The emerging world super power China's strong presence in Asia Pacific has been the biggest threat to the super power status of the US which is fast waning. So Sri Lanka's instability is a top most game plan of the US in its policies in Asia Pacific region.  

Strong stand taken towards India

No leader in the post-independent Sri Lanka as assertive as president Mahinda Rajapaksha has been when it comes to India's arms twisting behavior against Sri Lanka. All his predecessors had meekly been succumbing to India's bullish acts against this small country which have always been detrimental and disastrous to its survival and well-being. At times Sri Lanka's sovereignty has blatantly been violated by India. President Mahinda's no nonsense; no hanky panky attitude towards India is best exemplified by his strong resolve when it comes to Tamil Nadu fishermen's poaching in Sri Lanka's waters. The Bottom Fishing, the most disastrous type of fishing technique in the world engaged by Tamil-Nadu fishermen in our waters, would permanently destroy our fishing grounds. But no other predecessors of president Mahinda had guts to resist India's bullish behavior towards Sri Lanka.                      

Would Mythripala be as strong as president Mahinda in the event of his election as the future president?

Would Mythripala Sirisena be as strong and assertive as Mahinda not allowing others to interfere the country's internal affairs unnecessarily or forcing her to succumb to their pressures?  Or in other words would Sri Lanka be as stable as under president Mahinda Rajapaksha's rule in the event of Mythripala Sirisena coming into power? Is he as strong character as Mahinda? On top of all the two prominent personalities, former president Chandrika Kumaranathunga and Ranil Wickramasinhe  who are behind Mythripala Sirisena's candidature have been disappointing characters. The former is undoubtedly the worst president ever to rule the post-independent Sri Lanka as one of my previous posts pointed out. Her 11 years' rule had been the most catastrophic and traumatic period to Sri Lankans. Elaborations are not needed to describe who the latter is and his abilities. Both Chandrika and Ranil whose disappointing track records and credibility are well known are going to play very powerful roles in a future Mythripala Sirisena's government. Besides, Mythripala and his backers have already indicated their bowing towards India attitude by rejecting China of which economic power has been the president Mahinda's choice for the country's economic development.      

It is now proved beyond any doubt that Mythripala's candidature is part of the West's game plan to get rid of Mahinda who has become one of the biggest stumbling-blocks to carry forward its set agenda in Asia Pacific region. As I pointed out in my previous post the West's covert attempts to reduce or the complete pull out of armed forces from North and East is part of its destabilizing programme.    

A stable Sri Lanka would be the first and foremost prerequisite for its prosperity. In the event of this cardinal rule is compromised by any future leader Sri Lanka would squarely and fairly be back to its pre-2009 period given the sheer determination of her enemies eagerly waiting to hunt her. Economic prosperity would entirely be dependent on country's stability which is the biggest incentive for foreign investment and the growth of businesses. Sri Lanka's history has taught us a cardinal truth: the weaker the ruler in Sri Lanka had been, the greater the chances of foreign interferences destabilizing the country. Sri Lanka's strong footing towards fast economic growth strongly laid by President Mahinda's rule has made an eye sore to many a Sri Lanka's adversaries who are waiting to pounce at her at the drop of a hat.

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