Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Terrorism spares no place on earth- yesterday it was Canada and toady Australia: two countries that used to be most peaceful places on earth!

The above photos from Reuters show some women were breaking down at the site of the siege by Islamist Jihadists at a Sydney cafe after the siege ended yesterday(15th Dec 2014)

For Australians and many others from the West a mere sight of a place that any violent incident takes place such as bomb blasts or a violent siege seem to be enough to become emotional and cry. For many in this part of the world in South Asia these incidents have, however, become a norm. For us Sri Lankans for instance just 05 years ego those incidents, many times horrendous and gory than what happened in Sydney yesterday, had been a part of daily life.

However, those very societies in the West harbour a large number of sympathisers and ardent supporters who give material and moral support to those terrorists who carry out such horrendous attacks against humanity back in their home countries.              

The incident in Sydney takes place in less than 02 months' time when Canada was under attack by Jihadists in last October. Both the countries had been among the few places on earth enjoying for a long period of time very peaceful living conditions free from any violent incidents such as terrorists' attacks. Unlike Canada, however, Australia under Prime Minister Tony Abbott has realised what those terrorist supportive communities who misuse and enjoy his country's accommodativeness and lax immigration laws are up to and have been supportive to Sri Lanka.  As was pointed out when Canada was under attack that country, however, remains hostile towards Sri Lanka and is hell bent to punish her for crushing the LTTE terrorism which had been fed from its inception by generous material and moral support by the LTTE supporters living in Canada. 

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