Sunday, December 28, 2014

“The pledge of a domestic war crimes tribunal IS the Western conspiracy in disguise”! - C. A. Chandraprema

In a must read article to today's The Sunday Island C. A. Chandraprema, a columnist of the paper and the author of "Gota's War" points out in detail the Common Opposition's pledge that it would initiate a "Domestic Inquiry" to the alleged war crimes, said to have been committed by the Security Forces in the final phases of the Eelam war, is indeed the West's ploy to haul incumbent President and the War Heroes to an International probe.

Having learnt that chances are completely sealed to haul the president Mahinda and the War Heroes to an International war crime tribunal due to the inherent limitations in the international system as far as Sri Lanka is concerned, this novel maneuver is employed by the West to achieve its goal by hook or by crook.  

 Following is an extract from the article      

"Besides, as we pointed out earlier, nobody in Sri Lanka is asking for a domestic war crimes tribunal. The only reason for the common opposition to make such a pledge is to please the West. The West has no way to institute a war crimes tribunal against Sri Lanka except by getting the government of Sri Lanka itself to cooperate by starting a domestic process. What the people of this country has yet failed to realize is that when the common opposition says that they will not allow war heroes to be taken before any international war crimes tribunal, they are in fact pledging to disallow something that can never be done. Even more importantly, the people and the government itself has not realized that by pledging to institute a domestic inquiry into war crimes, the common opposition is opening the only door available to the West to get a war crimes process started in Sri Lanka. The pledge of a domestic war crimes tribunal IS the Western conspiracy in disguise!

One would think that with an election on, the common opposition would avoid saying anything that may arouse the suspicions of the public. The reason why they announced to the public that a domestic war crimes tribunal will be instituted is obviously at the behest of their Western friends. The West obviously wants to ensure that their investment produces results and they want to hold the beneficiaries of their patronage to account. It would also be useful to seek a mandate of sorts from the Sinhala public for this domestic war crimes tribunal so that nobody can say later that the common candidate did not make his intentions clear before the people voted

Chandraprema's article should be fully translated into Sinhala and Tamil languages and published in the main-stream media as it also enlightens us the baselessness of the claims by the Common Opposition about the corruption alleged to have been taking place in infrastructure development activities in the country. If the scale of alleged corruption is as same as the Joint Opposition claims, the first set of people who are going to be in trouble would certainly be Chinese and Japanese nationals as the two countries are the donors for the infrastructure projects in question. The sheer scale of corruption alleged to have taken place would give no room for the Japanese and Chinese officials who are involved in the projects to escape. By now scores of Japanese nationals would have been behind the bars while scores of their Chinese counterparts would have faced the firing squad!  

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