Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canada, safe haven for many terrorists terrorizing their home countries is finally not immune to ‘terrorist’ attacks then!

Close on the heels of news reports that the mother and the wife of two LTTE terrorists were prevented from leaving the country for Canada by Sri Lankan authorities, two shooting incidents, allegedly by Jihadists, were reported in Canada. One incident was reported in the parliament while the Canada's Prime Minister was addressing the House.  According to international news reports the Canadians are stunned by the incidents. Despite the fact that Canada has been a safe haven for multitude of terrorists including LTTE for many decades, the country was one of the safest countries in the world with absence of any terrorist attacks for a very long period of time.

Canada's duplicity when it comes to treating terrorists terrorizing foreign countries is well known. It is a common knowledge that an ordinary person finds extremely difficult to get a Canadian visa with repeated refusals while the relations of LTTE terrorists or LTTE suspects themselves get the visa within a few days for an extended period of time. Canada is home to a very significant section of LTTE supportive diaspora members who are hell-bent to destabilise the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the country now. If the money collected from Canadian Tamils for LTTE to wage war in Sri Lanka had not been forthcoming, the brutal war by LTTE would have not lasted such long. Sri Lanka is not the only country that has become the victims of the duplicity on the part of Canada. So it seems what Canadians have been doing to destabilize other countries through it proxies has boomeranged in style!

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