Sunday, October 26, 2014

Iraqi army’s mass desertion not opting to fight ISIS shows in style what is in store for the countries invaded by the West led by the US!

Perhaps for the first time in history a standing army of a state deserted the rank and file en masse and abandoned its state of the art weaponry in fear of a band of savaging guerrillas. The men who did this humiliating act belonged to an army which was trained by a state which undoubtedly possesses the most powerful military machine ever existed in the planet. State of the art weaponry that the men abandoned was of course manufactured and provided by that powerful state. No explanation is needed to an informed person to guess the actors involved in this ignominious incident. The army to which the men belonged to was the Iraqi army and the powerful state that trained and provided the sophisticated weaponry was none other than the USA. The savaging guerrillas were, of course, the ISIS.

The Iraqi army has been receiving the training from the US for almost a decade now following the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's ouster by the invading coalition forces led by the US in 2003. The Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein, a Sunni was predominantly Sunni in a country of which the majority population is Shi'ite. The government led by recently stepped down  president  Maliki, a Shi'ite who came to power after Saddam Hussein's fall was responsible for wide spread discrimination perpetrated against minority Sunnis. Maliki's government predominated by Shi'ite by and large had been and continues to be a puppet of the US.  The birth of ISIS was to a larger extent responsible for the Maliki's discriminatory actions and policies against Sunnis.        

 Nearly a half of the Iraqi army, well trained by the US, abandoned their modern US made weaponry which included Tanks, artillery batteries, APCs and Humvees etc and fled their positions and barracks in the mere news of ISIS's advance. How could such a cowardly act be committed by a "well –trained, equipped, professional and disciplined army" trained by the US for an almost decade?

One of the explanations given by the US commentators was that the almost all the commanders in Iraqi army were filled by the cronies of president Maliki and were not professional soldiers. Therefore, the men under them had lost their faith to fight against their formidable foe as a total rout was certain. But how could "well-trained and professional men" numbering many thousands just abandon their army and uniforms simply because their commanders were incompetent. One can hardly buy such clumsy explanations. The big question is how could on earth this happen in the first place?    

A repetition on steroid is well on the card in Afghanistan too once the Coalition forces led by the US leaves the country soon.  Over there, the Afghan National Army trained and equipped by the US would be equal to the Iraqi army while the Taliban would be equaling the ISIS!  

So what bequeaths by the Western Invaders led by the US in unfortunate victimized countries is the total destruction, carnage and chaos. Not the democracy or the trained armies who are claimed to have been trained to protect the so called democracy!

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