Monday, January 5, 2015

We Sri Lankans would soon be heading towards "a shining example for a successful Federal Sate” in the event of Common Opposition coming into power on 08th January!

It was Carl Marx who said that "History repeat itself first as a tragedy then as a comedy". Given the composition of individuals in the Common Opposition, if it gets elected, we seem to be right on our way back to the history in which Federalism, Devolution Package, Sudu Nelums and Peace Projects etc ruled the roost. It seems none of those who were behind the Devolution of Powers and Federal Projects some years ago is missing from the present list. So we would fairly and squarely be heading back to that history, if the Common Opposition Government is elected on 08th January. If we are to recall a few names who owned those projects, they would include Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranathunge, Ranil Wickramasinhe, Mangala Samaraweera and Rajitha Senarathne.

Within a few months of the new government we would hear many things that sounded familiar to us 15 or so years back. Some of them would be as follows"  

a)    "We soon need to find a solution to the "National Question. 13th amendment to the constitution can be a basis for that".
b)    "We would soon be in a war, if some form of a strong power devolution to the North and East dosn't take place. Mahinda has almost taken us to that point due to his racist polices".

c)    "The maximum devolution of power to the provinces would make Sri Lanka strong which will make foreign interferences impossible".

d)    "The unitary character of our country would only be preserved if we are to be magnanimous enough to devolve powers to the provinces with Tamils and Muslims",

e)    "Federalist systems have made countries like Canada, India and the US powerful and stable countries".

Unlike in the past when those Devolution Package Projects were holding sway, Sri Lanka now enjoys a complete peaceful atmosphere. So the Devolution of Power projects would run on steroids.Two chauvinist parties such as the TNA and SLMC which are hell bent to divide the country on ethnic lines would be constituent partners in the new government, the individuals mentioned above would be the key decision makers and would certainly be the Prime Minister and powerful cabinet ministers. And above all the West of which regime change plan includes Mytripala Sirisena's candidacy would be all out there to support Sri Lanka financially and with their expertise. Our Western friends among others would include Norway, the USA and the UK. We would again start hearing some familiar names such as Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttu, Jehan Perera, Kumar Rupasinhe, Jayadeva Uyangoda and Sumathy Sivamohan etc, etc ( The last two individuals have already declared their support to the Common Opposition). We would again be blessed with generous finical support, resources and the expertise of  I/NGOs in the trade who would take some of us around the world to show how successfully the federal systems work in other countries.

In nutshell we would be heading towards one of the best examples of "a state that has devolved powers to the provinces ensuring all the aspirations of all the communities living in the country are met. It would certainly be shining example for a successful Federal Sate"!

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lefroy said...

Quite sure Kandy's resident idiot has not read Marx. Otherwise she'd get the name right. Carl Marx? ROFL