Friday, January 9, 2015

The West’s sustained Regime Change Plan has scored a stunning success!

The West's prolonged and sustained regime change plan has paid dividends with Mahinda Rajapaksha being ousted from his office at the Presidential Election that concluded yesterday.  As I noted in one of my previous post this plan by the West culminated with the candidature of Mythripala Sirisena to challenge the President Mahinda.

With Mahinda out of office Sri Lanka will never again be as stable as it had been from May 2009 to 09th of January 2015. This would obviously be the beginning of the end of stability which was brought to the country by Rajapaksha administration following the defeat of LTTE terrorism. As I pointed out in my previous posts the West loathes strong leaders like Mahinda who is not prepared to dance to the whims and fancies of it.  Unlike Russian president Vladimir Putin who is also subjected to a nasty Regime Change Plan of the West a leader like Mahinda who belongs to a weak country of a Third World becomes an easy prey.

The West's intended ulterior motives would be a cake walk as the new administration was elected to power largely by the separatists parties like TNA and SLMC. This is well exemplified by the resounding mandate Mythripala Siresena received from Tamils and Muslims in North & East in particular and in the rest of the country in general.  The two separatist parties requested their respective supporters to vote for Mythripala Sirisena and it paid dividends handsomely against Mahinda.  Both the parties are hell bent for carving out separate Tamil and Muslim administrations in the areas in which each community is in majority and that is what exactly needed for the West to fulfill its nasty machinations.  On the other hand the West would use its maximum opportunities at its disposal to make use of its ardent lackeys who are going to hold very powerful posts in the new administration.  

So this would be the beginning of end of undivided Sri Lanka and the beginning of its fragmentation on ethnic lines!  


Anonymous said...

Aiyo Rebel
Do you like Hoppers?

Anonymous said...

The next step is to appoint chandrika as the leader of SLFP or at-least break SLFP into two.

With that done Ranil can freely offer a Fedaral solution because there is no real opposition.

~නෙතුපුල්~ said...

Very true. Since everything is already decided and agreed between the parties who gained the power, we only can just hope and wish that the country won't be in trouble. But I don't know whether that would end up being just a thought.