Sunday, January 4, 2015

Doctored pictures of the legendry artist Dr Lester James Peries by Hela Urumaya remind us similar deception done by LTTE supporters back in 2009!

With a photo- shopped picture of veteran and legendry Sri Lankan artist Dr Lester James Peries going viral on social media and other media after Patali Champika Ranawaka of Hela Urumaya used it to sling mud at the president Rajapaksha, we are reminded a similar deception that happened more than 05 years back.

This happened soon after Prabakharan was killed in May 2009. The LTTE supporters wanted to deceive the world to reinforce their claim that Prabakharan was alive. A picture of Anton Balasingham and Prabakharn taken in January 2005 had been doctored to show the latter was watching TV with sarcastic smile which was showing his own corpse. A moustache, a TV set, and a newspaper being held by Prabakharan had been added while the background of the picture had been made somewhat dark.

In a surprising twist of affaires it is again a former LTTEer, Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP who has been used in this deception too. Dr Lester James Peries's picture has been doctored to appear as KP.    

What is most surprising is to see the depth to which a so called nationalist leader Champika Ranawaka has fallen. Why on earth one should fall to such a low level to doctor a picture of a much-loved, adorable and elderly artist merely aimed at slinging mud at the incumbent president? This also proves the desperation on the part of the whole Common Opposition at the sight of imminent defeat at the upcoming presidential election on 08th January.    

PS: Photo-shopped pictures of Dr Lester James Peries were taken from Lanka


Anonymous said...

Photo No 2 (Prabha watching TV) also a fake one. (Photoshop creation)

Anonymous said...

disgusting politics or CR! This doctored picture was originally taken from a LTTE website in German language. CR should have investigated if he was using truthful information before using it in public. I think my vote goes back to MR camp

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