Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beware Sri Lanka government! Indian Tamils can be sneaked into the country along with Sri Lankan refugee Tamils to bloat the Tamil population in the North and East.

Though the Elelmists were military defeated their campaign is fully intact. It is being waged in many fronts and in many forms. Covert and overt operations are well underway to achieve this goal.   The massive disinformation campaign which is underway tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka with the help of paid politicians, INGOs and media of the Western countries is one way of doing it.  Also part of it is the rigorous well oiled camping of showing to the world the mythical 'Tamil homeland' with fantasized false history.
A part of this exercise is to present an exclusive and bloated Tamil population in the North East region which has been carried out successfully covertly and overtly.  Though unknown to many covert campaigns to present bloated Tamil presence in the region has been going on for several decades even well before the start of the war. One of those successful attempts was the settling of illegal Indian immigrants in Giranike (Kilinochchi) and Mooladoova (Mullaittivu) districts, who were on their way to India under the Srima- Shastri Accord. This whole operation was carried out by Norway through Redd Barna, a Norwegian NGO in 1960s.
Same can be repeated in a different way.  The Tamil civilians who are expected to return to the island from Tamil Nadu refugee camps can well be used for achieving this goal. Indian Tamils can be sneaked into the country along with Sri Lankan Tamils to present a bloated Tamil presence in the region. This attempt can well be supported by the Eelam supportive politicians and the government servants as there have been many instances where they have done so previously. For instance an excessive number of houses built by the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) for LTTE's mahaveer families in Trincomalee remains unoccupied with the intervention of a top Tamil government servant, apparently to give shelter to an increased number of Tamils. It is reported that homeless families in the area are not allowed to occupy these houses.           
Attempt to make NE as an exclusive Tamil entity has been fairly successful through mass scale ethnic cleansing campaigns carried out against Sinhalese and Muslims. These massacres of Sinhalese and Muslims and razing their villages to the ground forcing them to flee to other parts of the country contributed to reduce drastically the non-Tamil communities' presence in the region.
So the government should be mindful of the fact that what we see as massive campaigns in the West against Sri Lanka is just a tip of ice berg. There are many invisible sinister campaigns and attempts being waged to achieve the Eelam by hook or by crook   

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