Thursday, January 6, 2011

The First International Tamil Writers conference (ITWC) and an International Islamic Conference held in Sri Lanka

The former event is held from today to Sunday in Colombo while the latter will be held shortly organized by Minister Rauf Hakeem.  
How can this happen in a country alleged to have been not treating the minorities 'equally'? Holding International events aimed at upliftment of Tamil and Muslim culture and literature in a country branded as 'mal-treating the minorities'?
Leave alone the latter event. The former? Holding it in a country this particular community is alleged to have been discriminated? And holding it in Colombo?, the capital of the country the 'Sinhala majority policies' alleged to have been holding sway? And top of all, at a time 'Sinhala hawkish regime' is in power?  These are the natural question arise in a mind of any person who is familiar with misinformation campaigns leveled against Sri Lanka over many years. (The interesting fact is that the organizers of the former event, most of them University dons were ardent supporters of the LTTE.)  
Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world which has given fullest freedom to her minority communities to live peacefully.  There are at present no restrictions whatsoever whether it is in culturally, economically, socially or any other forms as far as minorities are concerned. As my previous posts pointed out there have been no denial of rights to minorities in Sri Lanka while the majorities of the both communities live peacefully among the Sinhalese enjoying every rights. They do enjoy the rights as same as Sinhalese community do while in certain instances Sinhalese are denied with: the most conspicuous being denial  of Sinhalese to live in North and East of Sri Lanka though they being the original inhabitants of that part of the country while Tamils and Muslims being recent immigrants   
Non recruitment of Tamils to Armed Forces in proportion to the composition of the Tamil community has been the only area where one can point out as restrictions still being imposed. Close on the heels of crushing the world's most ruthless terrorist organization, no security conscious government would dare to initiate that type of move soon. (The Police Department has already recruited youth from the North.)  
My two previous posts would throw more light on the subject

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