Friday, April 16, 2010

Robert O Blake’s dual role

This is a translated version of an article by Keerthi Warnakulasooriya, appeared in today's Divaina (16th April.2010)  
"LTTE can never be defeated"- Robert Blake, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia
The unprecedented victory secured by the present government in the last election has left the US's government machinery in a state of shock. This is further proved with the US military Academy's decision to discontinue the training opportunities provided to the SL's armed forces owning to the disinformation campaign carried out by Blake against Sri Lanka over alleged war crimes. Blake never thought that the LTTE would ever be defeated. He has now started telling us what present government should do in the wake of the magnificent victory it secured. Issuing a statement after the election victory of the government Blake says that "It's a particularly important opportunity now to make progress on these important issues of reconciliation, power-sharing and accountability".  
Development of the country was the most prominent component of the government's manifesto for this election. However, Blake says what the government should do is that the implementation of the US's agenda in Sri Lanka. He goes on to say that Tamils were subjected to the Human Rights violations in the past few years.  However, it is the LTTE murderers who violated the human rights of the people of this country during the past 25 years. Blake was keeping mum when the country's national security, politics, whether the leaders of the democratically elected should live or not was decided by Prabhakaran while hiding in a bunker from 250 kms from Colombo. 
Blake was keeping a blind eye on the human rights of the people who were exploded by Bus Bombs. What did Blake who cries for Human Rights do when a majority of people of this country was taken hostage for last twenty years?   Recently two reporters of the Reuters were killed by a US air attack. The US soldiers who fired upon the people from the helicopter considered the civilians and Reuter's reporters as bastards. The spokesperson of president Obama simply said that the incident was "tragic". Pakistan military has started a large scale military operation against Al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists. 73 people including children and women died recently in a village in Kaibar area by an attack. But Blake is silent. Interfering directly into our internal affairs he claims that hardline Sinhalese nationalist parties took a severe beating in these elections. However, Blake has blissfully forgotten the fact that two Sinhala and Tamil politicians who were maintaining a close relationship with the US's State Department and NGOs were also severely defeated.                  
 Blake who talks about Sinhala nationalists never talks about the TNA which contested asking a mandate from the people to divide the country or hardline Tamil nationalist party ITAK of Gajendra Kumar Ponnambalam. At the same time a Tamil politician who worked according to the US's Sate Departments agenda has also been defeated.
So it is clear that on whose behalf that Blake tries to make his voice heard. US's State Department did not focus her attention on earlier governments as they were meekly heeding to her demands.
However, the president, the present government and the Secretary to the Defense did not bow down to the US's cries. That's the single most problem that the State Department and Robert Blake is now trying to grapple with. Blake and the US State Department had high hopes that the President would be defeated in the presidential election. Several statements were issued to the effect that human rights and media freedom were being violated in the country. The necessary dessert was provided to them by the Fee Media business network here. An ex rebel belonging to this Free Media business network was caught red handed by an anti LTTE Tamil orgnisation while he was talking to LTTE agents in the Human Rights Head Quarters in Geneva.       
Robert Blake is asking us to share power with Tamils. Has the US shared the power with Red-Indians? Blake and the State Department who cry foul about our media freedom says that deaths of Reuter's reporters are simply "tragic" and goes on to say that the telescopic camera of the reporters were mistakenly identified as a rocket launcher. Isn't this a ridicules statement?  
Does Blake have any right to interfere in Sri Lanka's National security and political affairs in the backdrop of these revelations of US's war crimes?
Sri Lankan voters did not cast their votes as per the whims and fancies of representatives of Robert Blake or NGOs. In this backdrop what right does he has to ask us to share power with Tamils? People of this country outrightly rejected the US's agenda and division of this country. The oppositions had promised that if it won, even the High Security Zones (HSZ) and army camps would be removed from north. But the people of this country did not allow it happen. Under these circumstances Robert Blake has come forward to guide us to shape up our future. It is now revealed that how the imposition of the US's agenda by setting up a US army base ended up with devastative effect in Kirgizstan, a former Soviet Republic
Therefore, the people of this country did not vote in the election to impose the US's agendas in our country. The US who planned to rescue the LTTE murders had sent here a plane with a group of military advisers. The objective of this plan was to rescue the LTTE murders. This secret plan did not come to public knowledge until a few hours after Vanni LTTE leaders were killed. This proves the dire need of the US State Department to rescue the LTTE. And also it should not be forgotten the US had told that the LTTE should be handed over to a third party. It is now clear that Robert Blake and the State Department have come forward again to advise us to implement their old agenda.             

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