Sunday, April 25, 2010

The beginning of a new era in Sri Lanka’s foreign relations

This article by Mr. K. Godage with the above headline appearing in today's island sees the bright future ahead for us in the sphere of foreign relations with the appointment of Prof. G.L. Peiris as our new Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The article highlights with the appointment of Prof. G.L Peiris as the Minister of Foreign Affairs we will be able to get rid of one of the blight that our Foreign Services afflicted with for a long period of time. Our new foreign minister will be not subjected to 'constituency responsibilities'.Our past foreign ministers who came to parliament as elected members accommodated his supporters, cronies, stooges and family members in the Foreign Service with devastating effect to the country. As a result of it jokers and clowns filled with our foreign missions and other important positions in the service. The unimaginable damage caused by this foolish act is a history now. 
As he is an outspoken person and a good communicator plus a very sound academic background with a thorough understanding about Sri Lanka's affaires Prof. Peiris would be able to get rid of the negative picture that the world harbors about us due to disinformation campaign carried out by the Eelamists and their supportive I/NGO's. As highlighted by me in my previous post, due to our past foreign ministers' abysmal failure to highlight the world the true picture prevailing in Sri Lanka we have cost a lot. The so called perceived and now non-existence discrimination of Tamils, the bogus Tamil history in Sri Lanka, the imaginative 'home land' and demand for a 'political solution' are all just a Trojan horse to deny other communities to live in the North and East of country.  
The writer also points out the most important role the new foreign minister is expected to play with the backdrop of China becoming a super-power with her growing influence in the region. The maintenance of our friendship with her and other powers such as Russia and Iran who helped us immensely in our difficult times should never be overlooked. And also he highlights the importance of continuing the confidence and trust we have painstakingly cultivated with India. We would be able to reap immense benefits if we play the cards skillfully in the backdrop of the emergence of Asia as a new economic power with our strategic positioning in the continent. Maintaining healthy relationship with the West is also important but we should never succumb to their intimidations as we would have still been fighting the war had we given into them in the recent past.   
As known to many who are familiar with foreign relation subject in Sri Lanka Mr. K. Godage, the writer of the article is one most distinguished, respected and senior diplomats that Sri Lanka ever produced. He is an authority on the subject and also a prolific writer. He did yeomen and exemplary service to our country during times when she was sailing in troubled waters.

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