Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Publish or Perish !

While reading a National Geographic Magazine published in May 2003 I came across an interesting article with above headline. The article begins with the following paragraph.   
"Everyone knows Galileo was the first astronomer to point a telescope at the night sky. But like many facts that everyone knows, this one isn't true. Precedence should probably go to Thomas Harriot. What Harriot didn't do was publish his observations." 
The article goes on to say many other discoveries Thomas Harriot made and highlights how his failure to publish none of them cost him well deserved recognition while someone else earning it.   
I felt how fitting what the article tries to convey when it comes to Sri Lanka!  The world harbors an entirely different picture about Sri Lanka and the so called "Tamil Problem" due to her utter dismal performance in publishing the true picture prevailing over here: what she has painstakingly been doing to protect the rights of minorities, the monumental myth of "Tamil homeland" and the bogus Tamil history and the so called "Tamil grievances" which are no longer exists in Sri Lanka.    This utter failure on the part of Sri Lanka has cost her an unimaginable proportion of damage giving an excellent opportunity and an upper hand to Eelam supporters and I/NGO's to spread lies to mislead the people outside Sri Lanka and even within the country. She has miserably failed…      
(1)   To show the world the monumental myth of so called "Tamil homeland"  and the bogus history created by the power hungry Tamil elite politicians to claim so called "self determination" thereby attempting to deny other communities to live in so called "homeland".

(2)   To show the world that there are no longer specific problems that Tamils face that the Sinhalese do not face to demand a Political Solution. They do enjoy privileges as same as Sinhalese do and in certain instances even better than Sinhalese.
(3)   To show the world that the majority of Tamils peacefully live among Sinhalese in other parts of the country with no discrimination at all.

(4)   To show the world the enormous effort and the progress she has made in resettling the IDPs: No country would have achieved such stupendous task in resettling the people in such a short period of time.  
(5)   To show the world the sacrifices her armed forces made in rescuing the civilians at the final stages of the war: the so called international community has no idea whatsoever about the number soldiers lost their lives in their effort to protect the lives of the civilians at the final stages of the war. While the army stopped using the heavy weapons the LTTE used theirs against the army at their will.

(6)   To show the world the carnage created by LTTE in killing the civilians in villages and cities alike- The wholesale ethnic cleansing carried out in North and East against Sinhalese and Muslim villages.   The brunt of it was born by innocent Sinhalese civilians in villages who lived there from time immemorial. The brutality with which these killings were carried out was never highlighted: the most common killing method had been in hacking to death whole families including women and children.
(7)   To show the world that the most of the asylum seekers are just economic refugees who flee the country claiming bogus persecution allegedly being committed by the SL sate. The vast majority of so called Tamil Diaspora falls into this category.
(8)   To show the world that the innumerable atrocities the LTTE committed in the name of freedom struggle to the Tamil community itself whom they claimed to have represented.
And many other falsehoods being spread against Sri Lanka portraying an entirely different picture about her allowing her enemies to give her vary bad name in the eyes of so called International Community.            
  It is hoped that President Rajapaksha will look into this shortcoming and do necessary remedial measures to change this appalling situation with the appointment of a capable Minister of foreign affairs and perhaps a sate minister too.

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Yasela Sumanasinghe said...

I 'm not too sure ,whether newly appointed foreign minister does possess the skills an right attitude to counter the bad picture which you have mentioned...