Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why do Viking Vultures (Norway) support the terrorists in Sri Lanka?

Shyamalee Tudawe has been quite bold and straightforward in this article exposing the true face of the Viking Vultures (Norway) who tried to give a part of Sri Lanka to a ruthless bunch of terrorists. She reminds us many an attempts made by Norwegian vultures led by Erick Solhiem to give this country to the terrorists, the most significant being the bogus CFA in 2002. The latest exposure about this cunning attempts has been Norway's attempt to support the LTTE to procure weapons through Eritrea

She also highlights the possible ultimate goal hoping to be achieved by these Vultures by giving a part of SL to a bunch of terrorists.

However, unknown to many, Norway's history of supporting the separatist agenda in Sri Lanka goes back to 1960's. As this article points out it was well underway through NGOs such as Redd Barna which carried out a programme of settling illegal Tamil immigrants from India in Kilinike or Giraanikke (Kilinochchi) and Mooladoova (Mullaittivu) districts in an attempt to lay the foundation for Eelam.  

It has been a public knowledge that Norwegian NGOs have been in forefront in supporting the LTTE not only ideologically but also in terms of material support such as giving the terrorists earth moving heavy vehicles and sophiscated communication equipments, ,smuggling the terrorists and bombs in their vehicles etc.  Covert operations such as training terrorist in Norway's military facilities and sabotaging SL armed forces take delivery of arms shipments from Czech republic had also been well in underway .Most of the tiger supporting NGO's such as FCE, CPA, INFORM, Bergoff Foundation are being funded by Norway in the sole idea of continuing the separatist agenda by Norway. 

The sheer desperation created in him by failing his attempt to give SL to terrorists Erick Solheim continue to spread canards through terrorists' supportive media in terrorist supportive western countries.

After the three colonists who ruled the country through armed power, perhaps Norway may be the only country in the West who tried to harm the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka trough an armed threat. 

These attempts by vultures spearheaded Viking Norwegians continue unabated. It is being done by way of pressurizing Sri Lanka through European Union and other world bodies spearheading disinformation campaign aimed at tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka. So Sri Lanka should be prepared to face any eventuality perpetrated by these terrorist supportive vultures.