Saturday, January 16, 2010

In recognition of President Rajapaksha’s magnification victory over the biggest diplomatic war that the country ever faced………

After realizing that the so called "impregnable Fortress of Killinochchi" was about to be fallen into the hands of our gallant security forces the panic stricken Tamil Diaspora tried to get it stopped by any means  under the sun in order to save their 'invincible freedom fighters'. One of their biggest strategies had been to force the tiger supporting "international community" such as the UK, the USA, the EU and the UN to pressurize the SL government to declare a ceasefire.
So apart from leading an armed war in the North the president Rajapaksha had to fight another war: a Diplomatic War. To president Rajapaksha's credit he withstood the huge pressure being brought in and waged and led this war too as elegantly as the armed war. 
 As this article in the last Sunday's The Nation nicely points out there had been an array of sinister attempts of which pivotal role being played by the UK who thinks that Sri Lanka is still her colony.   This pressure was hugely supported by traitors such as Mangala Samraweera.  The article can be summed up as below.
·       The British PM wanted to send former British Defense Secretary Des Browne to Sri Lanka to hold talks aimed at halting the military operations against the Tigers. The response from the president was '. "Don't send Des Browne here. Let him have a dip in River Thames and stay back home." The CNN described the curt reply sent by President Rajapaksa as the biggest slap given on the face of Britain for the last 25 years.

·         When David Miliband and Bernard Kushner came to SL last April to save the terrorists the Swedish Foreign Minister too wanted to join with to strengthen their hands. But the latter's visa was rejected.

·         Miliband and Kushner had to go back home empty handed as they were categorically told by the President that he had no idea whatsoever to stop the military operations and the lives of the civilians will be protected without using the heavy wopens.

·         This was followed by an another attempt by UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes, Representative of the UN Secretary General on Human Rights of IDPs, Walter Kaelin, Japanese special peace envoy, Yasushi Akashi and UN Under-Secretary General Vijay K. Nambiar. They presented various proposals ostensibly to rescue the civilians who, they said, were being used by the LTTE as a human shield. The president politely turned down their requests.

·         Undeterred by all those failed afforts the die-hard tiger supporter Erik Solheim together with Miliband and Kushner tried their best to adopt a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN Security Council. This was hugely supported by both Hillary Cliton and Obama. This attempt was also very tactfully handled by the President thanks to the diplomacy played by Dayan Jayathilka

·         Due to unprecedented expenses for military purchases during the last stages of the war, president Rajapaksha had to seek loan from IMF. At this stage the United States pressed the IMF to impose on Sri Lanka a condition that she should halt the military operations against the LTTE if she were to qualify for the loan. The European Union also threatened to suspend the GSP + duty free concession for our exports as leverage for getting Sri Lanka to declare a ceasefire. However, the president gave a pledge to the people that he would not declare a ceasefire no matter what threats would come or what sanctions were to be imposed on Sri Lanka.
The article also points out how Mangala Samaraweera, by giving an interview to the London telegraph, ably supported all these moves by the so called international community hell bent to rescue the terrorists. He said to the paper that "The Sri Lankan government does not want either to solve the problems of the Tamils or provide a solution to the North-East problem. Another Mugabe has come into being in our country."
The article gives an apt conclusion highlighting the consequences that, we, as a nation would have faced had Presedent Rajapaksha given in to the those LTTE supporters 
 Today General Fonseka is engaged in a puerile attempt to hog the glory of the war victory. If President Rajapaksa, as the Commander-in-Chief, had ordered a ceasefire meekly giving into pressures from the Western countries and the UN, there would not have been a war victory for General Fonseka to take the credit for. He would have had to wait at least for a few more years to savour such a euphoric hour! Therefore, we have to face the bare fact that had it not been for the unwavering leadership provided by President Rajapaksa, Tiger bombs would continue to explode in this country. The Tiger leaders too would be still among the living.     


Anonymous said...

good stuff..

Anonymous said...

What about the claim by the President's Secretary that MR halted the heavy artillery support needed by the army, so that the Congress party could win the elections in India?

Isn't that a betrayal of the armed forces who were laying down their lives at this crucial time?

This is a statement given by MR's own secretary, not by the opposition.