Sunday, July 23, 2017

A yet another load of scrap from India?

This ship, certainly a load of scrap, which will not be purchased by any country with sensible government is certainly forced upon us. The Yahapalakayas, the puppet of the Indian expansionists and the White Christian Western Imperialists have become a virtual servants to their masters who helped them to come to power.

Sri Lanka has become the scrap yard of India. The substandard and bad Indian automobiles especially, the cars and motorbikes are responsible for the most number of road accidents in Sri Lanka. Above all, they are responsible for polluting our environment to a very larger extent as they emit the polluted fumes than the Japanese automobiles which have traditionally been truly environmental friendly.

So our tax payers and the country's sovereignty are the biggest causalities and losers by this yet another Indian Expansionists' arm twisting act.    

After all how is this load of scrap going to help us? To fight again against a yet another bunch of Tamil terrorists trained and armed by them? Will the Sri Lankan state ever be able to use it against the Tamil Nadu fishermen who are engaged in wholesale poaching in Sri Lankan waters daily?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct.